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How Can I Recover From Chronic Health Problems Naturally ? | Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. Hall Tells His Story | Healing Testimony Upper Cervical Chiropractic Have you ever been to a doctor that isn't able to empathize with your situation? Have you ever felt like a number in your doctors office? While we don't have all of the health answers, one thing we can guarantee you is that we know what it is like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Twenty three years ago I was dropped on my head while wrestling.  In that moment I had no idea how life changing that incident would CONTINUE READING [...]

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Los Angeles | What Does An Upper Cervical Doctor Look At On X-Ray? | Upper Cervical For The Analytical Mind

Blair Upper Cervical Doctor Los Angeles | What Is A Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic? | This Blog is For The Analytical Mind After seeing over 9000 patients  we have become acutely aware that everyone learns differently. Some people learn  visually, some kin esthetic and others auditory. This blog and embedded video is made for the patient that is not only visual but is analytical.   Oftentimes patients want a deeper explanation of what a Blair Upper Cervical Doctor is looking on x-ray at that CONTINUE READING [...]

Can Low Back Problems Cause Sexual Dysfunction or Erectile Dysfunction? | Natural Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Los Angeles

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Los Angeles
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Los Angeles | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Los Angeles | Erectile Dysfunction Doctor Los Angeles After practicing Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic for the past 16 years and seeing over 9000 patients, every condition has walked through our doors. Erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction in generally is not easily talked about. As a result most patients do not tell their upper cervical doctor that they have this problem until it makes progress. Over the CONTINUE READING [...]

What Is A BLAIR Upper Cervical Chiropractor | Los Angeles Chiropractor | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles

What is Special About The Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique? | Increasing Health In Los Angeles | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Los Angeles The Blair Upper Cervical Technique utilizes neurological tests, Infra-red Thermography and other means for detecting when neck misalignment is present or absent.  The adjustment is administered only when objective test indicate nerve pressure is present. The Blair technique utilizes precise x-rays of the upper cervical CONTINUE READING [...]

Is My TMJ Connected To My Neck? | TMJ Treatment Los Angeles | TMJ Chiropractor Los Angeles

TMJ Doctor Los Angeles | The Jaw Muscles Are controlled in The Neck | Dr. Drew Hall TMJ Chiropractor Los Angeles  TMJ is highly correlated to upper cervical spine injury.  The muscles of mastication are controlled by the fifth cranial nerve.  This nuclei is the seat of control for many things in the face. Once of its branches regulates muscle tone associated with chewing. When there is interference to the trigeminal nuclei abnormal muscle tone in the jaw muscles can result.  Upper cervical CONTINUE READING [...]

Los Angeles Neck Chiropractor | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor | Neck Pain Specialist LA

Los Angeles Neck Chiropractor
What Do The Atlas (c-1) And Axis(c-2) Have to Do With Neck Pain? | Dr. Drew Hall Los Angeles Neck Chiropractor Neck pain is a common condition that plagues 15 million Americans on a daily basis. Chronic neck pain can disrupt ones daily activities and make life less enjoyable. In this blog and video that follows we will discuss how the upper cervical spine can be a cause of chronic neck pain.  Every year thousands of neck injuries happen as a result of traumas.  When neck injuries occur the soft CONTINUE READING [...]

Towel Roll Exercises To Maintain Correction And Increases Cervical Curve | Increase Neck Curve | Los Angeles Upper Cervical

Increase Cervical Curve
Towel Roll Exercise To Encourage Cervical Neck Curve | Hold Your Adjustment Longer | Los Angeles Chiropractor | Upper Neck Exercises | Increase Neck Curve In this article we would like to explain a simple exercise you can do daily that can not only help you hold your upper cervical correction longer but can encourage a normal cervical curve.  The cervical spine is supposed to have a backwards C shape curve. Unfortunately most people lose the curve in their necks due to neck trauma. When CONTINUE READING [...]

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor For The Treatment Of Fibromyalgia In Los Angeles

Premier Treatment For Fibromyalgia In Los Angeles | Dr. Drew Hall Discusses Fibromyalgia And Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Los Angeles Recently we taped about 15 different videos relating the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic procedure and various common chronic health problems. In this blog we would like to discuss fibromyalgia and how it relates to upper neck injury.  In the middle of this article we embedded a 5 minute video which overviews the upper cervical spine's role in causing and treating CONTINUE READING [...]

Neck Exercises To Maintain Upper Cervical Corrections | Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractor | Modified McKenzie Exercises

Looking To Help Stabilize Your Upper Cervical Chiropractic Correction? | Implement These Neck Exercises In Your Daily Regimen In the following video are several SIMPLE upper neck exercises that can help stabilize your Upper Cervical Corrections.  When the neck is injured the soft tissue , ligaments and tendons are weakened.  Also the structure adapts to the injury and the musculo-skeletal skeletal system adapts into an imbalanced pattern throughout the body. These exercises can help keep your CONTINUE READING [...]

Many Women With PMS Also Suffer With Neck Problems | Los Angeles Chiropractor | Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles

Chrnic Fatigue Syndrome Doctor Los Angeles
PMS and Menstrual Cramps- Can Chiropractic Help? | PMS Treatment Los Angeles We all know someone who has to curl up in bed for two days because they have such severe menstrual cramps they can't function. We also know lots of people who we stay away from at certain times of the month because we know that things can get a little contentious. For those that suffer with PMS or Menstrual cramps you know that this is no laughing matter. But what about those that do not have menstrual cramps or mood CONTINUE READING [...]