Fibromyalgia in Pregnancy in Los Angeles and Carson

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Los Angeles Fibromyalgia Doctor Pregnant fibromyalgia patients typically experience a worsening of their symptoms. It is unknown why pregnancy may aggravate this condition. The following symptoms are reported (1) - Severe muscle cramping Increased nausea/vomiting (first trimester) Disturbed sleep, leading to increased fatigue Increased tender spot pain (depending on the position of the baby) Pregnant fibromyalgia patients are encouraged to explore drugless options in order to CONTINUE READING [...]

Natural Meniere’s Solution in Los Angeles and Carson

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  Natural Meniere's Solution Meniere's disease has a tremendous impact on the quality of life of its patients. Meniere's episodes typically last 1-6 hours, and symptoms worsen when sodium intake is increased. This condition is characterized by the following three symptoms (1) - Severe vertigo Ringing in the ear Lower frequency hearing loss Medical management of Meniere's often includes medications that reduce the fluid in the inner ear and dampen nerve signals from the CONTINUE READING [...]

Natural Fibromyalgia Management in Carson and Los Angeles

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Do your fibromyalgia flare-ups prevent you from fully enjoying your day? Sometimes fibromyalgia can be aggravated by simple events that can occur on a daily or weekly basis. Fibromyalgia symptom triggers include (1) - Stress Lack of sleep Exposure to moisture, cold temperatures Injury Fatigue Medical management of fibromyalgia typically involves prescription medication and injections. Some may find symptom relief through these methods; however, they do not address the CONTINUE READING [...]

Hydrops Treatment in Los Angeles

Hydrops Treatment in Los Angeles   Endolymphatic hydrops is a syndrome of the balance system, which is part of the inner ear.  This condition results in  fluctuations of the endolymph fluid, which fills the hearing and balance structures of the inner ear. The fluctuations of fluid can cause the pressure in the ear and fullness.  Endolymph fluid, which is regulated by the endolymph sac, flows through the inner ear and is critical to hearing. In addition to water, endolymph fluid contains CONTINUE READING [...]

Low Back Pain – How to Heal Naturally

 Chronic Low Back Pain - Los Angeles Upper Cervical Care Low back pain steals life and steals from productivity. It interferes with things we all take for granted; Deep sleep, sitting,walking normally and is a distraction from being in the moment. Millions each year take pain killing medication to numb the effects of their back pain. Right here in Los Angeles at Upper Cervical Health Centers we have been helping hundreds of people get their lives back through a non invasive drug free simplistic CONTINUE READING [...]

Can Anything Relieve Lower Back Pain?

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Low Back Pain Doctor Los Angeles The simple answer to that is: Yes! There are some steps that can be taken to lessen back pain. The first thing that needs to be determined is the health of your spine. Misalignments in the upper cervical spine of only ¼ of a millimeter can have a major impact on the health of the body overall. An upper cervical chiropractor, such as Dr. Drew Hall of Los Angeles, California, can help a person deal with their back pain. They may be able to reduce or even eliminate CONTINUE READING [...]

Medication-Free Treatment for Tension Headaches in Los Angeles

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Medication Free  Headache Treatment  Los Angeles Tension headaches give off the feeling of a band squeezing the head and creating tension. While some tension headaches may be mild, others can cause moderate pain. Additional symptoms may include tender neck, shoulders, and scalp. While this is the most common form of a headache, it is still a mystery to the medical field as a whole. Tension headaches are not the kind of headaches that send a person to the emergency room or even the doctor. CONTINUE READING [...]

Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo Doctor in Los Angeles

  Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo Doctors in Los Angeles Millions suffer with the nasty effects of Vertigo and Menieres’s Disease. Its cause is not well understood by conventional medicine. In some cases, vertigo is the result of life-threatening medical issues such as brain tumors. But mostly, it is an insidious destroyer of the quality-of-life which, in a moment we will provide ample evidence that its cause is in the upper cervical spine.   . In a moment we will draw the connection CONTINUE READING [...]

Anxiety Disorders In Los Angeles- Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Anxiety Disorders in Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Care Can Help! When most people have a bout of anxiety the last thing they think about is their neck. Most people have been trained to run to the doctor and take anti-anxiety medications. For long-standing and chronic problems many people take long-term SSRI medication that are prescribed by psychiatrists. There are many reasons why people suffer from anxiety. We will attempt to outline some of the causes. Then we will address what you the patient CONTINUE READING [...]

Asthma Treatment In Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Blair Care

Asthma Treatment in Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Blair Care There are 18.7 million american adults and 6.8 million children who suffer with asthma in the United States. That is almost 9 percent of the US population. 1 Asthma can be mild or it can be life threatening and conventional treatment in the United States is steroid inhalers. While we appreciate  life saving medical care this article is about what you and your family can do about healing asthma naturally. ASthma can be related to CONTINUE READING [...]