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Premier Treatment For Fibromyalgia In Los Angeles | Dr. Drew Hall Discusses Fibromyalgia And Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Los Angeles Recently we taped about 15 different videos relating the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic procedure and various common chronic health problems. In this blog we would like to discuss fibromyalgia and how it relates to upper neck injury.  In the middle of this article we embedded a 5 minute video which overviews the upper cervical spine's role in causing and treating CONTINUE READING [...]

Fibromyalgia Patients Seeking Natural Treatment

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Blair Upper Cervical And Fibromyalgia,Cure? Fibromyalgia does not have a known cause, and because of this fact, medical doctors are limited in their ability to provide treatment options. One of the primary things a doctor will do for a fibromyalgia patient is provide medication to treat symptoms. The most commonly recommended medications help with pain and assist the patient to sleep better since widespread pain and difficulty sleeping are two of the primary symptoms. However, more and more people CONTINUE READING [...]

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Fibromyalgia Doctor - Los Angeles Fibromyalgia and other systemic pain conditions can prove very difficult to deal with and may significantly impact the quality of one’s life. This particular condition primarily presents with pain all over the body, periods of fatigue (even if the patient gets enough rest), fibro fog (cognitive problems like focus and memory), headaches, depression, and other less common symptoms. Our fibromyalgia Doctors in Los Angeles are trained to help you heal naturally. There CONTINUE READING [...]

Fibromyalgia in Pregnancy in Los Angeles and Carson

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Los Angeles Fibromyalgia Doctor Pregnant fibromyalgia patients typically experience a worsening of their symptoms. It is unknown why pregnancy may aggravate this condition. The following symptoms are reported (1) - Severe muscle cramping Increased nausea/vomiting (first trimester) Disturbed sleep, leading to increased fatigue Increased tender spot pain (depending on the position of the baby) Pregnant fibromyalgia patients are encouraged to explore drugless options in order to CONTINUE READING [...]

Fibromyalgia Prevention in Los Angeles and Carson, CA

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Do your fibromyalgia flare-ups interfere with the activities you enjoy? Does fatigue affect your ability to finish your daily routine? Here are some lifestyle changes that can help ease some of the aches and pains of an episode - Gentle aerobic exercise – walking, swimming, elliptical Slow, gentle stretching Getting adequate sleep Reducing stress Avoiding cold temperatures – try to stay warm as often as possible While these are all great suggestions to improve fibromyalgia CONTINUE READING [...]

Natural Fibromyalgia Management in Carson and Los Angeles

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Do your fibromyalgia flare-ups prevent you from fully enjoying your day? Sometimes fibromyalgia can be aggravated by simple events that can occur on a daily or weekly basis. Fibromyalgia symptom triggers include (1) - Stress Lack of sleep Exposure to moisture, cold temperatures Injury Fatigue Medical management of fibromyalgia typically involves prescription medication and injections. Some may find symptom relief through these methods; however, they do not address the CONTINUE READING [...]

Fibromyalgia Los Angeles-Getting Relief May Be Easier Than You Think!

Fibromyalgia Los Angeles – Blair Upper Cervical Care- Fibromylagia Treatment Many people suffer from chronic pain that leaves them struggling with depression, chronic fatigue, and seemingly endless struggles. One of the worst chronic nerve conditions is known as fibromyalgia.  According to the CDC about 5 million suffer from this debilitating condition. Many who suffer have lost their lust for life because of the pain they endure day in and day out.  Current Medical treatment is largely symptom CONTINUE READING [...]