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Can Neck injury Cause Post Concussion Syndrome ? This article's goal is to bring awareness to the upper cervical spine and the role it plays in post concussion syndrome.   In the middle of this article is a concise video which explains how post concussion syndrome symptoms can be caused by a C-1 (atlas) subluxation.  Symptoms such as persistent headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea, depression, and chronic spine pain can all be related to interference to the spinal cord that was caused CONTINUE READING [...]

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Upper Neck Injury | Chronic Pain And Health Problems | Neck Trauma And Neurodegenerative Pain and Disease In 2015 Neurology Research International published a 20 page article written by Mike Flannagan D.C. discussing the relationship of the upper neck and its role in overall health and human physiology.  It has long been known the upper neck and its working parts, brain-stem, spinal nerves, arteries, joints, and soft tissue are of great significance in overall body function.  Dr. Flanagan puts CONTINUE READING [...]

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I Hit My Head-What Next? | Upper Cervical Care Los Angeles | Recovery From Concussion Concussions are caused by a sudden deceleration impact that "JARS" the brain. Concussions are brain injuries. The following signs and symptoms are common following head trauma and can indicate that you have suffered  a concussion.   These are the most common signs you have a concussion: Neck Pain: Stiffness and soreness in the neck Headache: can be persistent or severe Whole body: blackout, fatigue, CONTINUE READING [...]

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Sub-occipital Muscle Tone and How Its Relates to Traumatic Brain Injury Los Angeles - Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles An article was recently published by Fakhran S et al(1) that studied the relationship of the sub-occipital muscle(back of neck)  tone and severity of symptoms experienced in post traumatic brain injury patients.  Interestingly, the research found that there was a correlation between increased tone of the rectus capitus posterior minor (Figure. 1) muscle and increase CONTINUE READING [...]

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Post Concussion Syndrome Doctor Los Angeles It is officially fall and that means both school and youth sports are in full swing. Football and soccer are two of the most popular fall sports and cause the most concussions for student athletes. According to the Centers for Disease Control football is the leading cause of concussions among males and soccer is the leading cause for females. 53% percent of high school students had a concussion before starting high school sports. 36% of college athletes CONTINUE READING [...]

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Post Concussion Syndrome, Traumatic Neck Injury? Los Angeles Post Concussion Syndrome   There is a lot of talk lately about Post Concussion syndrome.  After the NFL lawsuit and Jim McMahon’s recovery, Post concussion syndrome has made national headlines. Post concussion has always been prevalent.  However the rise in extreme sports and fallout from those that suffer, has brought the issue front and center.   Like many syndromes, Post-Concussion was little understood and much to CONTINUE READING [...]

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If a person has been injured in a car crash, a sporting accident, or some other accident that caused a blow to the head, even if it was mild, they may be suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Some of the symptoms include headaches, problems with concentration, memory issues, and disruption in vision. Generally, these will begin to go away in a week or so after the trauma. However, if you have post-concussion syndrome, they can last for a year or more. When treating post-concussion syndrome, CONTINUE READING [...]

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  Is there more to it than just the concussion?|Post Concussion Syndrome Los Angeles When I think of post-concussion syndrome the first thing that flashes through my mind are sports injuries.  Football players, hockey players, and downhill ski racers are just a few of the athletes frequently suffering from this condition. Medically speaking, patients who have concussions are told that the brain is injured due to rebounding off of the skull.  The quick acceleration and deceleration from CONTINUE READING [...]