Can Asthma Be Caused By The Neck? | Los Angeles Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Dr. Blair's Recovery From Asthma | Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Improve Asthma ! | Asthma Doctor Los Angeles This article is dedicated to OUR founder.  Dr. Blair's technique has given thousands their lives back. His dedication and analytical expertise developed what many believe to be the most accurate system to analyse the upper cervical subluxation complex. In this article we would like to discuss ASTHMA. Dr. Blair's life was altered as the result of an upper cervical spinal correction CONTINUE READING [...]

Asthma Treatment In Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Blair Care

Asthma Treatment in Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Blair Care There are 18.7 million american adults and 6.8 million children who suffer with asthma in the United States. That is almost 9 percent of the US population. 1 Asthma can be mild or it can be life threatening and conventional treatment in the United States is steroid inhalers. While we appreciate  life saving medical care this article is about what you and your family can do about healing asthma naturally. ASthma can be related to CONTINUE READING [...]