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Mid-Back Pain Usually Is Adaptive To Neck Injury | Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles | Mid-Back Pain Treatment Los Angeles Chronic Mid Back Pain is a common annoyance that a large percentage of the population deal with daily. Sudden onset of mid-back pain can be something to worry about. In some rare instances it can be associated with heart attack, reflux and other non-musculo-skeletal  health problems. While there are many reasons that mid-back pain can develop, chronic mid back pain CONTINUE READING [...]

Where Does Lower Back Pain Actually Come From?

Upper Cervical Care and Lower Back Pain LA It may be hard to imagine, but often lower back pain originates in the upper neck. How is this possible? Well, to begin with it is important to understand how closely linked the entire body is. Sometimes the area that is hurting is not actually the area that the pain originates from. This is true with lower back pain. If a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae, the cervical spine, is detected, it often has an impact on the entire spine and, in particular, CONTINUE READING [...]

Ensuring Safety and Preventing Back Pain at Work-Los Angeles Back Pain

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Ensuring Safety and Preventing Back Pain at Work-Los Angeles Back Pain A work-related injury is a possibility for anyone in any type of job. Common injuries are those involving back pain. In fact, most companies will hire a risk manager or have a specific person appointed to keep a lookout for safety issues and, hopefully, reduce the risk of job-related injuries. Let’s take a look at some job types and what a person can do to reduce the possibility that they will be injured. Sitting at a CONTINUE READING [...]

What Can Be Done for Sciatic Pain?-Upper Cervical Care Los Angeles

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Sciatic Doctor In Los Angeles Sciatic pain is not easy to deal with. Most people that are suffering from it have something pressing on the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back and buttocks down the leg. Generally, only one leg is affected because there are two separate nerves, one for each leg. What are some symptoms that indicate sciatica? Weakness in the affected leg, along with numbness and difficulty with movement that may even affect the foot Pain in the buttocks or leg CONTINUE READING [...]

Sciatica Los Angeles- Understanding the Pain

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Sciatica Los Angeles If a person feels a pain that begins in the lower back and travels through the hips and buttocks and then down one leg he or she probably has sciatica. Many that suffer from sciatica choose to just deal with the pain. But rest assured, there is something that can be done for it. Let's talk about why it happens. The sciatic nerve radiates from the lumbar spine down through the legs. There are two nerves, one for each leg. That explains why pain is felt in only one leg. CONTINUE READING [...]

Link Between Migraine Headaches and Back Pain

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Anyone who has to cope with the pain of migraine headaches realizes the importance of finding out what the cause may be. Interestingly, migraines are not actually categorized as headaches. They are actually a neurological disorder, with headaches being only one of the symptoms. Some things that may trigger a migraine are certain types of food, allergic reactions, or inherited genes. One area that is often overlooked, however, is that of back pain. Yes, back pain can cause migraines. This may be CONTINUE READING [...]

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Los Angeles Low Back Pain There is an old saying "where you feel your pain is not always where it is caused".  Do you remember the last time you hit your elbow (funny bone)?” Where did you feel the pain?  In the hand! Classic heart pain is generally located down the arm, far removed from the heart. Gall bladder pain is often located in the shoulder-blade. All of us are used to the concept of referred pain. When it comes to low back pain, we do not think of it as referred pain. In the CONTINUE READING [...]

Can Anything Relieve Lower Back Pain?

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Low Back Pain Doctor Los Angeles The simple answer to that is: Yes! There are some steps that can be taken to lessen back pain. The first thing that needs to be determined is the health of your spine. Misalignments in the upper cervical spine of only ¼ of a millimeter can have a major impact on the health of the body overall. An upper cervical chiropractor, such as Dr. Drew Hall of Los Angeles, California, can help a person deal with their back pain. They may be able to reduce or even eliminate CONTINUE READING [...]

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BACK DOCTOR LOS ANGELES Low back pain can devastate a person’s life whether it is mild, moderate, or severe because it keeps someone from doing the things they love doing the most. It robs them of the joy and satisfaction that they used to get by doing activities; and, even the activities that most people take for granted become a major challenge and accomplishment when you have back pain. Back Pain Treatments Many people with back pain have gone to back doctors across Los Angeles looking CONTINUE READING [...]

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Sciatica pain can be crippling. Sharp searing pain down the leg, inability to walk, disruptions with sleep, sciatica pain can truly interrupt and shutdown one's life. Unfortunately conventional medicine throws painkillers at sciatica patients. While the painkillers may give relief they do little to get to the underlying reason why people suffer with sciatica. There are three main reasons people suffer with sciatica. After we explain what each of these mechanisms are that produce sciatica we CONTINUE READING [...]