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What Do The Atlas (c-1) And Axis(c-2) Have to Do With Neck Pain? | Dr. Drew Hall Los Angeles Neck Chiropractor Neck pain is a common condition that plagues 15 million Americans on a daily basis. Chronic neck pain can disrupt ones daily activities and make life less enjoyable. In this blog and video that follows we will discuss how the upper cervical spine can be a cause of chronic neck pain.  Every year thousands of neck injuries happen as a result of traumas.  When neck injuries occur the soft CONTINUE READING [...]

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Neck pain Treatment Los Angeles Chronic neck pain is an epidemic in this country. There is annoying pain which makes life less joyous and then there is devastating pain that shuts down people's lives, making them ineffective at executing the things that are necessary to live meaningfully.   According to Huffington Post “Currently 47 percent of the US population is plagued by chronic pain.”1 While the cause of pain can differ, its effect on human health and efficiency in the workplace cannot CONTINUE READING [...]