Why Do I Have Bad Posture? | Posture Doctor Los Angeles | Upper Cervical Chiropractor Los Angeles

Poor Posture And Health| Los Angeles Chiropractor | Posture Doctor Los Angeles Amy sit up straight!  Why are you always slouching ? Many of us have heard these comments from our parents growing up. We have all seen people whose heads lurch forward, or from behind one shoulder is higher than the other. We have also seen the person walking down the street with one foot turned out like a duck while the other is straight forward.  Or the person who swings one arm while walking but the other arm CONTINUE READING [...]

Scoliosis and Neck Trauma -What Is The Connection? | Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractic Dr. Drew Hall

Can Scoliosis Be Caused By Neck Trauma? | Scoliosis Treatment Los Angeles There are usually several contributing factors that lead to the development of scoliosis. Genetic tendencies and spinal trauma are the greatest factors in whether someone will develop scoliosis or not.  Currently Conservative Medical attempts at scoliosis correction have been mildly successful in some cases. The most common non traumatic intervention is bracing and physical therapy.  If the scoliosis becomes severe enough CONTINUE READING [...]