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Mar 07
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Why do I have these headaches? Natural Headache Help – Upper Cervical Care Los Angeles

We  all have heard of people who suffer with headaches.  In this article we would like to discuss one little known cause of headaches. It is a recently discovered connective tissue that connects the muscle to the fibrous covering of the spinal cord, the dura mater. Although this connective tissue was discovered in 1995 , the health care community has not understood its significance in the lives of those who suffer with chronic headaches.

In an article published in 1995 , Dr. Walker L. Robinson, a neurosurgeon; dental school professor Gary D. Hack; and visiting scientist Richard T. Koritzer, also a dentist, found a quarter-inch piece of connective tissue linking a minor muscle deep in the back of the neck to the dura mater — the highly sensitive membrane that covers the spinal cord and the brain.

The muscle connects the base of the skull to the top of the vertebral column. The front of the muscle is attached to the dura mater that covers the spinal cord just below the base of the brain.  After 500 years of human dissections , Dr. Hack said, “it is extremely rare, if not unheard of, to find a new anatomical relationship. The assumption is that all structures and relationships have been found.”

It is well-known that many who suffer with headaches have stress as one of their major triggers. When we are under stress muscles contract(shorten) and this produces mechanical stress throughout the body. With this new discovery we now have an explanation for how stress and muscle tension can translate into a headache.

There is a sheath that overlies the spinal cord. This sheath is connected to a muscle in the upper neck through this newly discovered connective tissue . When muscles become tight the tension pulls this connective tissue and as a result the sheath that covers the spinal cord is distorted also. I think that many people who suffer with headaches have had the experiential feeling of something strangling their upper neck region and the subsequent pain that is associated with it. They also feel as the headache goes away a gentle unwinding in the neck and a subsequent reduction in pain. We are intimating that many headache sufferers have a real mechanical explanation, it is not just “in their head”. While pain killers and muscle relaxers may help the pain we want to discuss why one person is more susceptible to these types of headaches than another and how you can go about fixing the underlying cause.

Upper Cervical Doctors have been helping people with all types of headaches for years. This new discipline focuses on the intimate relationship of the upper spinal bones and the nervous system. Neck injuries can dislodge and displace normal ariticular (joint) alignment which in turn causes a chain reaction of muscle and neurological imbalance throughout the body. It is well-known that when joints in the neck are injured they cause localized muscle tension. Could it be that those that suffer with certain types headaches have had an injury to the neck that causes more muscle rigidity than someone who has not had an injury?  And does the neck injury predisposes them to have headaches more easily than someone else who has not had an injury? We think so. We think that injuries to the upper cervical spine not only predispose people to headaches but also are the root issue of many of the chronic degenerative problems people suffer with.

How To Fix The Underlying Cause:

Upper Cervical Doctors are trained to test for , image,  and correct spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine. Once a problem has been detected through objective neurological testing, a set of x-rays are taken to view each individual joint. By viewing the joints the doctor can determine direction of misalignment, angle of the  joint that is misaligned which then gives the doctor the precise information to make a correction. A gentle correction is made to the neck with no popping, twisting, or jerking. Once corrected, the patient is monitored over a period of time. Each office visit determines whether or not a correction is necessary. The upper cervical doctor’s goal is for the patient to maintain the correction. While the correction is maintaining this allows the body to heal through the damage that was caused  from the neurological interference. The underling nerve irritation is gone and the body naturally returns to a better state of balance. To quote Bj Palmer: “Nature needs no help just no interference”.  If you are sick it is due to an interference to normal function and health. Our job is to find that block and remove it.

If you are having headache pain or suffer with any other chronic health problem our offices in Los Angeles are here to help. WE offer a free initial appointment to determine whether you are a candidate for care. You can schedule online at : www.upercervicalcare.schedapple.com . If you live outside of the Los Angeles area you can visit this website to find someone in your local: www.upcpsine.com or www.uppercervicalcare.com.

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The Upper Cervical Health Centers Team

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