Can neck pain be a sign of something serious?

Can neck pain be a sign of something serious?

Severeneck pain with sudden onset and no provocation can be something to worry about. Anything that is out of the norm for that particular person can be a sign that you need to be checked out by a medical professional. Sudden pain accompanied by slurred speech, cognitive deficits, or visual changes can be a sign of a medical problem. If you have u provoked pain associated with those indicators it is best to seek medical help.

If you have been clears of serious health problems and you still have pain getting to a blair upper cervical doctor can be a great natural alternative to pain killing medication. Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic tots are specially trained to find spinal misalignment and nerve irritation. Once corrected, the central nervous system works better, muscle tension throughout the spine is reduced and many musculoskeletal pain syndromes completely heal or improve.

Is cervical spondylosis life threatening?

Spondylosis is not life threatening, however it is a sign that prior neck trauma occurred and the body is dealing with the structural imbalance as best it can.  Eighty percent of adults over the age of 40 start showing signs of spondylosis.

Loss of cervical lordosis, forward head carriage, and age combine in the formation of spondylosis. Postural faults occur due to whiplash type trauma that misaligned the upper cervical spine. Forward head bearing places abnormal stresses on the lower neck and as a consequence the body changes the shape and size of the vertebrae to accommodate the new stress. One of the best ways to avoid spondylosis is to stay under long term Blair Upper Cervical Care.

Blair care keeps the upper cervical spine in its normal position leading to normal posture and reducing the risk of developing spondylosis.

Can cervical spondylosis cured?

Cervical spondylosis develops over time and is the result of cervical spine trauma. Cervical spine trauma causes upper neck misalignment which leads to forward head carriage and postural imbalance. Because the head weighs 10-12 pounds, forward head carriage puts excess load on the lower cervical spine causing the body to add calcium to the vertebrae and  soft tissue to accommodate the biomechanical stress.

Cervical spondylosis can be prevented by staying under regular upper cervical care.

Upper cervical care keeps the upper cervical spine in its normal, healthy range of motion. Normal alignment of neck allows for reduction of muscle tension, better posture, and reduces the chances of spondylosis developing in the first place. If spondylosis already exists getting under upper cervical care can slow its progression and help the body function more optimally.

How safe is neck manipulation?

There are many techniques in chiropractic that preform” manipulations”.  Some employ rotatory manipulation techniques. If you have large disc bulge or other destabilizing factors in the cervical spine, choosing a non rotatory technique would be prudent.

Upper cervical techniques within chiropractic specialize in making neck adjustments that are precise, gentle, effective, and require no twisting, popping, or pulling.  In fact a safety and efficacy research project was published in 2013 by Eriksen – Rochester, et al illuminating the safety and efficacy of upper cervical technique.

Furthermore Dr Scott Haldeman published a retrospective review examining malpractice claims in Canada reviewing 4500 chiropractors over ten years and the incidents of cerebrovascular incidents with regular rotatory chiropractic. Here were the findings:

“There are over 4500 licensed chiropractors in Canada. The likelihood that a chiropractor will be made aware of an arterial dissection following cervical manipulation is ap- proximately 1:8.06 million office visits, 1:5.85 million cervi- cal manipulations, 1:1430 chiropractic practice years and 1:48 chiropractic practice careers. This is significantly less than the estimates of 1:500 000–1 million cervical manipu- lations calculated from surveys of neurologists.7–9 These data also confirm the conclusions of a recent review of the literature in which patients at risk for this complication could not be identified.”

Overall chiropractic adjustment is exceedingly safe as is evidenced by chiropractors malpractice premiums. The average million dollar policy is 2500 dollars per year!

Can chiropractic hurt your neck?

Any health care procedure has risks. The risk of serious injury at the hands of chiropractic is estimated at 1 in 8.5 million chiropractic visits. With respect to injury to the neck there are very few published studies. One such study, published in 2013 by eriksen- Rochester et. al looked at the safety and efficacy of upper cervical care.  The study looked at reactions to upper cervical adjusting, adverse events, and efficacy.  The study showed that  post cervical correction reactions were common but self limiting and the satisfaction of patients under care over a 6 week course of care was high.

There are rare instances where poorly trained chiropractors have caused injury. It is rare but does occur. You can avoid being a rare case by doing your due diligence by getting to a competent, well trained, well respected doctor in your community.

Is neck cracking by chiropractor dangerous?

The cracking sounds one hears while undergoing a chiropractic adjustment is nothing more than nitrogen gas escaping the joint capsule during cavitation. This noise is NOT dangerous and does not cause damage. However, if you are adverse to the noise there are many non force and upper cervical techniques that use different techniques to correct spinal misalignment that involve no cracking, popping, or pulling.

Upper cervical chiropractic  techniques employ adjusting technique that is done in a side lying position. When the correction is made, it is made in a neutral position and involves no twisting of the neck and does not produce a pop.

Is massage good for herniated disc?

Massage is a great modality to loosen muscles, increase circulation, and promote wellness.  If you suffer from a cervical spine or lumbar spine disc herniation be careful not to have massage where they walk on your back or are too aggressive.  Massage can ease pain, reduce tension and reduce stress.

However if you are suffering from a disc herniation there are many chiropractic procedures that can prove effective at pain relief and avoiding surgery. Upper cervical techniques can allow the body to correct posture, reduce postural muscle tone and help the body heal disc injury. It is a noninvasive powerful promoter of normal function and health.