Concussion & mild traumatic brain injuries

Posted in Concussion
Date: Mar 12, 2018
Mild traumatic brain injuries are also known as concussion. It's projected that these traumas have an incidence of 3.8 million each year in the United States. Despite this high incidence, moderate traumatic brain injuries and concussions are among the least understood accidents within sports healthcare and the neuroscience communities. The ...
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Can Neck injury Cause Post Concussion Syndrome?

Date: May 13, 2017
Can Neck injury Cause Post Concussion Syndrome? The skull (12lbs) rests on c-1 (Atlas) which weighs 2 ounces. Concussion injury forces can misalign the atlas and cause brain-stem interference. This article's goal is to bring awareness to the upper cervical spine and the role it plays in post-concussion syndrome. In the middle of this article is ...
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How Does Neck Injury Cause Chronic Health Problems?

Upper Neck Injury Chronic Pain And Health Problems | Neck Trauma And Neurodegenerative Pain and Disease In 2015 Neurology Research International published a 20-page article written by Mike Flannagan D.C. discussing the relationship of the upper neck and its role in overall health and human physiology.  It has long been known the upper neck and its working ...
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