Why can't I Clear My Ear?

Date: Dec 1, 2019
Watch Video Many people have asked the question, “why can't I clear my ear? “ Unfortunately, the underlying cause can be hidden. In this article, we will discuss how  upper cervical spine injury can be the underlying cause of why someone suffers from eustachian tube dysfunction and why they can't clear ...
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Cluster headaches and Your Neck

Posted in Headaches
Date: Mar 4, 2019
Almost everyone has suffered from a headache at least once in their life, but cluster headaches are another animal. There are different types and causes of headaches. Cluster headaches are one of the most debilitating types of headaches that exist.  Hopefully, you have never experienced a cluster ...
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How Does Neck Injury Cause Chronic Health Problems?

Upper Neck Injury Chronic Pain And Health Problems | Neck Trauma And Neurodegenerative Pain and Disease In 2015 Neurology Research International published a 20-page article written by Mike Flannagan D.C. discussing the relationship of the upper neck and its role in overall health and human physiology.  It has long been known the upper neck and its working ...
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