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5 Common Causes of Childhood Vertigo

Posted in Chilhood Health, Vertigo, Vestibular Disorders on Apr 25, 2016

Childhood Vertigo

Does your child complain of dizziness and light-headedness? Vertigo is more common in kids than you think. It is estimated that approximately 5% of children in the U.S. between the ages of 3-17 have had episodes of dizziness or loss of balance. These episodes were slightly more common in girls (5.7% vs. 5%).

Common sources of dizziness in children include:

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  1. Neurological issues
  2. Ear infections
  3. Concussions
  4. Injuries to the head or neck
  5. Ear malformation

Common treatment options for vertigo include physical therapy or prescription medication. When looking for a solution to balance issues, it is essential to uncover the root cause.

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How Is My Child’s Vertigo Related to the Spine?

Your spine is designed to protect your spinal cord. Your spinal cord carries signals to and from your brain. When the top bone in your neck (atlas) is misaligned, this can create pressure within your spinal cord at the base of your neck. This can affect signals going to and from your brainstem, potentially leading to vertigo symptoms.

Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic

At the Upper Cervical Health Center, we use the Blair technique—a specific form of upper cervical chiropractic—to detect and correct atlas misalignments. Through specific realignment of the atlas, a pressure within the spinal cord is reduced. The brainstem is able to send and receive messages without distortion. This may lead to a reduction of vertigo symptoms.


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Elster conducted an analysis of 60 patients with chronic vertigo that received specific atlas corrections. 48 out of the 60 patients experienced complete resolution of vertigo symptoms. All of the cases received some reduction of vertigo severity and or frequency over the course of one to six months of atlas care.

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