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Posted in Allergies on Jun 15, 2015

Allergy Treatment  Los Angeles-Blair Upper Cervical Care

For some it is seasonal, for others it is an unrelenting runny nose, itchy eyes, constant sneezing and a feeling that your sinuses are blocked. According to Web MD 55 percent of the US population tests positive to one or more allergen. A full list of these statistics can be found here. 

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Conventional treatments are antihistamine drugs, avoiding the things that make you allergic and allergy shots. Most of you that have allergies want to know what is it that lies beneath the surface that makes one allergic? Why does one person suffer from allergies and not another? 

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In the next paragraphs, we will first explain what an allergy is and then we will give you somethings you can do in your life to help your body heal through the underlying issues that cause them. An allergy is the overreaction of your immune system to a substance in the environment. 

When you have an allergic reaction your body has an alarm that goes off that there is an invader and produces an inflammatory reaction. In the case of hay fever and seasonal allergies, the body is overreacting to pollen. 

The body ineffectively sees the pollen as a threat and in response your body releases histamine. Histamine is a substance in your body that is released by what are called mast cells. Histamine causes the body to bring fluid to the area that is under "attack". 

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This abnormal response causes the itchiness, swelling, and uncomfortable feelings you have during an  "allergic reaction". There are a whole host of allergic reactions that people suffer from.  To read further about how histamine is involved in these types of allergic reactions this link covers it in detail. 

There is a plethora of literature that explains the mechanism that produces the thing known as allergy. But as with most things in our health care system, there is very little understanding or focus on how to fix the UNDERLYING cause of allergies.

I would like to talk about several things we have found in our practices that help people with the annoying and sometimes life-altering reactions that allergy sufferers have to deal with.


In recent years a lot of research has been focused on the hyperpermeability of the gut. A condition is known as a leaky gut syndrome, where the intestinal wall becomes hyper permeable and as a result, proteins leak into the bloodstream that would otherwise not be able to.  

The proteins cause a  weakening of the immune system and the immune system becomes overactive because it recognizes the proteins to be invaders.  Since allergies are immune system based this weakening due to leaky gut syndrome can be one causative agent that starts a cascade of events that eventually lead to allergies. 


Upper Cervical Care is a discipline that deals with the intimate relationship of the upper cervical spine and the central nervous system. The junction of the head meeting with the neck is inherently unstable. The head weighs on average 10-13 lb and it rests on the top vertebra called the atlas that weighs 2 ounces. 

As we go through life traumas such as car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries and others can cause the atlas to shift out of position and become locked out-of-place. This starts a chain reaction through the body that over time weakens the function of the body. 

A recent article published shows that the immune system is directly under the control of the nervous system(1)  As a result of misalignment at the atlas level over time can insidiously cause immune system problems. It has been our experience in our offices that people who suffer from a whole range of allergy symptoms greatly improve when they have their atlas corrected. 

If you or a friend are suffering from allergies it would be prudent to get your upper cervical spine checked for spinal cord interference. As we always say when we finish these blogs. Nature needs no help just no interference. 

Where there is a problem there is a cause. Don't settle for the treatment of symptoms. realize that your body can and will heal itself. You just need to do some things that give it a chance.  

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