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Blair Upper Cervical Care Chiropractic

Posted in Upper Cervical Care on Aug 12, 2011

Blair Upper Cervical Care Chiropractic

People who seek Upper Cervical Care are generally not expecting to become lifetime wellness patients. They come in because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired! Upper Cervical Care is an amazing tool to allow the body to get well, but its goal is not the treatment of diseases and symptoms.

Our current health care system has taught people to see doctors when they are sick, or when they perceive themselves to be sick. This is a disease-care system - not a health care system. As a result of this paradigm, we are always having to re-educate patients in our offices. 

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We educate on what health is. Health is NOT the absence of symptoms. Rather, it is a result of the proper neurological function. Health is a state of optimum physical, mental, and social well-being. NOT (necessarily) the absence of symptoms. My point here is that patients only get “treated” when they hurt. But what they should be doing is adding things into their life that promote wellness.

For example Thousands of people each year die as a result of a heart attack. Many of those people never had one symptom. And then they died. Were they healthy just because they felt well? Absolutely not. How about breast cancer? 

Many people who find out they have breast cancer had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever prior to diagnosis. The latest science tells us that a pea-sized cancer tumor in the breast has been in process for a decade! Basically, we have been trained by the current system to treat the end stage of the disease process, and have been left in the dark about how to increase our health through wellness activities that will decrease the probability of becoming sick in the first place.

Why do most people only seek health care when they are sick? That is how they have been trained to think since birth.

Taking care of yourself based on whether you feel good or not is disastrous. Furthermore, treating diseases and symptoms with poisonous drugs in the hopes of getting well is even more ludicrous. Waiting until you feel symptoms before you start to do something about it is reactive. 

A true health care system would be a system that teaches people to become proactive and that every decision you make each day either gives to health or takes it away. Health is a continual process that is the result of your diet, your relationships, exercise, proper sleep, and most importantly whether or not your nerve system is functioning optimally or not.

The most overlooked part of the HEALTH picture today is the NERVE SYSTEM. How many people in the public realize that every function in every cell of their ENTIRE body is controlled and coordinated by a nerve impulse from the brain to the body? 

How many people seek out lifetime Upper Cervical Care? The answer to that question is almost nobody. Most patients that come to our office come to our office to have us “treat” their symptoms. It is our job to educate them to make them understand that treating symptoms is a losing game.

 It is a game that never leads to true wellness and health. Health care decisions should not be made based on symptoms but should be based on a long-term approach to enhancing proper function and wellness. Unfortunately, many patients seek care and once their symptoms are gone they quit only to return when they “feel” bad again.

I always wonder this - If Upper Cervical Care got someone well then would it not make sense that if they continue it over the long-term that they will stay well?

Upper Cervical Care should be part of everyone’s long-term health program The next step is to get the general public to make a shift. A big shift. A shift in treatment, and on to wellness. Regular wellness checks should be part of everyone’s life regardless of their symptomatic picture. I ask you, Is your head on straight? If it is not it is decreasing your body's overall health and eventually, it will catch up with you.

Make Upper Cervical Care a regular part of your health program! Over the long-term, you will be happy you stuck with it!