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Body natural healing potential with chiropractic

Posted in Natural Healing on Apr 14, 2018

Natural Healing- Blair Upper Cervical Los Angeles

On some level, every one of us knows that there is an intelligence in our body that knows how to maintain function, heal cuts, get us better from viruses and bacteria.  In the natural healing world, we call this “innate intelligence”. The existence of this natural healing power inside each of us is obvious for anyone who chooses to look.

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Wound Repair-Your Bodies Natural Healing System

When we are cut our body immediately mobilizes white blood cells to wall off the capillaries that are severed to stop bleeding. Then once walled off blood cells coagulate to further stop the bleeding. Next, the body over time forms a scab over the injured tissue and each day beneath the scab the damaged tissue mends heals and repairs. 

After enough time and tissue repair the scab falls off and the repaired tissue is exposed usually having a pink coloration. AS time goes by the body heals as completely as possible and you are left with a scar. This process is not under your body's conscious control but rather is an automatic healing response that the body goes through when injured. The question is who or what does the healing?

Healing From Ear Infections, Bacterial Infections, and Viral Infections

Your body has an immune system that in most cases can handle most of what it encounters in the natural world. When you are exposed to an outside invader such as a virus or bacteria your immune system is activated to engulf or eat the invaders with white blood cells. 

If the invader has not been recognized before then the virus or bacteria evades the immune system for a time until an all-out immune response is launched by the body. This is when someone feels "sick".  The feeling of being “sick” is due to the body's natural healing response in which the immune system goes on red alert.

Increased fever is one symptom that is the result of the body increasing blood flow to more rapidly deploy white blood cells that can destroy the offending virus or bacteria.  Other symptoms such as chills, sweating, and nausea are due to the body's all-out attack on the invader. 

In most cases, the body's own natural healing system is equipped to take care of itself and over a course, the body is able to eliminate the bacteria or virus that makes you “sick”.  Whether it is the flu, and ear infection, or pneumonia, the body will always do its best to heal and repair and bring back balance and health.

Chronic Health Problems-Interference's To Normal Function

In the case of chronic health conditions, this results from the body's inability to adapt to its environment dues to interferences with normal function.  Interferences may be due to poor diet, excess stress, lack of sleep, or irritations to the central nervous system due to structural imbalance.

When the body is compromised and it is unable to adapt chronic health problems follow. The goal of any natural health provider is to remove impediments to healing by removing what has caused the body to lose health.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography CBCT

The backbone of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Procedure is imaging. We have an old adage if you can't see it you can't fix it.  We take the utmost precision in determining the exact direction of your spinal misalignment, how far it has misaligned and take into account each person individual anatomy.  The CBCT technology allows us to view each patient's anatomy with the utmost precision and accuracy which is paramount in helping chronically sick patients. 

Blair Upper Cervical -Chronic Health Problems- And Natural Healing

Our doctors are located in two Los Angeles offices who have dedicated their professional careers to helping people that suffer from chronic health problems. Over the past 17 years, we have helped people recover their health from a plethora of chronic health problems buy correcting structural problems in the neck that allow the body to function better and heal itself.

The head-neck junction, known as the craniocervical junction CCJ, is the most susceptible area of the spine to spinal misalignment.  The head weighs 10-13 pounds and the top vertebrae int eh neck weighs 2 ounces.

Due to this precarious relationship this region of the body can be damaged from a host of blunt types of injuries such as car accidents, sports injuries, slip, and fall accidents and more. Once the atlas and skull misaligned the central nervous system becomes irritated and in many cases, this sets the stage for chronic health problems. 

The brain stem located inside of the first and second cervical vertebrae is responsible for controlling most of the functions in the body that we do not consciously think about. AS a result of injury in this area can have far-reaching deleterious effects on the body. 

As we talked about earlier natural healing happens by removing impediments that interfere with normal body function. Blair upper cervical chiropractors are well trained in determining whether or not you have suffered a prior neck injury that is contributing to your health problems. 

If determined you have had prior neck injury precision 3-d cone beam computerized tomography cbct scans are taken to determine the exact direction and magnitude of your spinal misalignment.  Once determined the cbct information is then used to perform a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting popping or pulling.