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Can Cervical Spine Problems Cause Sinus Problems?

Posted in Cervical Spine on Aug 27, 2018

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In this article we will answer the question - Can cervical spine problems cause sinus problems? The answer is an emphatic yes! There is a direct relationship between the sinus membranes, the nerves that control them and cervical spine injury causing spinal misalignment.  

The author of this article is living proof that an upper neck misalignment can cause irritation to the spinal cord causing severe sinus problems and a precise correction to the misalignment can allow the body to correct sinus problems through natural healing. Of course, there are multiple reasons that someone can suffer from sinus problems and one of them can be a neck injury.  

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Sinus Membrane Neurology-Can Cervical Spine Problems Cause Sinus Problems?

To understand- can cervical spine problems cause sinus problems? Let’s talk about the underlying neurology and how they are connected. Most people know that every function in the body is controlled by nerve impulses that travel between the brain, the spinal cord, and the tissues of the body. In the case of the sinus membranes, these tissues are controlled by the 7thcranial nerve better known as the facial nerve. 

The mucous membranes receive their postganglionic parasympathetic nerve innervation for mucous secretion originating from the greater petrosal nerve(a branch of the facial nerve). The superior alveolar (anterior, middle, and posterior) nerves, branches of the maxillary nerve provide sensory innervation.

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 In short, because the sinuses are controlled by nerves emanating from the 7thcranial nerve irritation to the nuclei that control the facial nerve can influence abnormal function. There are multiple ways in which the 7thcranial nerve can be influenced by neck injury. When the upper cervical spine is injured the soft tissue, ligaments and muscles are injured causing spinal misalignment. 

When the joints in the upper cervical spine are not functioning normally it influences the central nervous system causing a cascade of postural changes throughout the body. In our Los Angeles offices, we find that the great majority of patients that suffer from chronic sinus problems have lost the normal curve in their neck and have spondylotic changes in cervical spine When the neck curve is lost this puts tensile stress on the spinal cord and can aberrantly influence the brainstem where the 7thcranial nerve nuclei is located.  

In response to the loss in the curve of the neck, the suboccipital muscles located at the back of the head become spastic. This creates another pathway in which brain stem spinal cord irritation can be caused, called the myo-dural bridge.

 The tight suboccipital muscles create tension on the spinal cord through a muscle-connective tissue, spinal cord bridge influenced by tight muscles. Other mechanisms are at play that all emanate from an upper cervical spine injury that can be further investigated. Can cervical spine problems cause sinus problems? YES!   

In our Los Angeles Upper Cervical Health Care offices, we have had the opportunity to take care of over 9500 patients most of which are chronically suffering from a multitude of chronic health problems.  Sinus problems are highly correlated to neck problems and over the years we have seen hundreds of cases with chronic sinus problems recover following specific non-invasive correction of the upper cervical spine. Cervical spine tinnitus, headaches, migraines, post-concussion syndrome, depression, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, and many other conditions are often helped. 

Many might say you think that upper cervical is a cure-all. Upper Cervical is not a cure-all, however, because the central nervous system controls and coordinates ALL body functions when interference to it is released the body functions better. When the body functions better it is often able to heal through a wide range of health conditions.  Can cervical spine problems cause sinus problems…..we see it every month in the office!

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Can Cervical Spine Problems Cause Sinus Problems? Yes, and Here is How it Can Be Fixed!

Because neck injury can be one of the causes of sinus problems, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors use advanced imaging in the form of cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) or digital x-ray to precisely locate upper cervical spinal misalignment. Blair doctors are trained to view the joints of the neck to determine exactly how they have misaligned from normal. By viewing each individual joint of the neck, it is possible to see and measure joint misalignment. 

Once this information is recorded it is then used in a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting, popping, or pulling of the neck. The spinal correction is made while the patient is lying on their side and is painless and quick. Once the offending joint is corrected the body will go through a healing process. The patient is monitored over time to determine at each visit whether they need another correction or not. 

While the correction is “holding” in its normal position normal neurophysiology is restored and healing accrues. In many cases, sinus problems and other health challenge either improve or fully recover. Hopefully, we answered the question, Can Cervical Spine Problems Cause Sinus Problems? We hope this article will reach those who are suffering and in need of help. We are big believers that for almost every problem there is a solution. Don’t give up on finding the solution to your health problems! 

Our office offers a free consultation. You can call us at 213 399-7772 for our Los Angeles office or 310 324-6172 for our Carson location. If you are out of the Los Angeles area, please give us a call and we will find someone in your local.  

We hope you enjoyed our article “Can cervical spine problems cause sinus problems! Next time you see someone who has sinus problems give them the answer to can cervical spine problems causes sinus problems…..

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