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Can Depression Be Helped by Upper Cervical Care?

Posted in Depression on Mar 30, 2012

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Depression Recovery

 Many health problems are the result of traumatic injury. A simple whiplash accident can dislodge the C-1(atlas) vertebrae causing neurological complications and result in long-term chronic health problems. Listen to Alec talk about how Upper Cervical Care changed his life and not only got him out of depression but a host of other health problems.

Most people have little awareness of the upper cervical spine and how it can influence people's emotional states. We have taken care of over 8000 patients in our clinics and regularly see patients recover from emotional problems.  

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This video is one of the hundreds of patients with similar stories. And it's not only our office in Los Angeles its offices around the country who practice Upper Cervical Care that regularly sees patients recover from a host of chronic health problems.

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