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Car accident in Los Angeles? We may be able to help your upper cervical needs immediately

Posted in Meniere's Disease, Migraine Headaches, Post Concussion Syndrome on Jan 31, 2021

Car accidents are one of the most common ways whiplash trauma occurs in today’s society. Whiplash damages the soft tissues of the neck and can lead to postural faults, chronic pain syndromes, emotional imbalance, and other chronic health issues.

In our Los Angeles upper cervical chiropractic office we specialize in a little-known procedure called Blair Upper Cervical Technique and have helped thousands of patients over the past 20 years. Many have called us a Los Angeles accident chiropractor because we specialize in whiplash trauma. 

 If you have had prior neck trauma and are looking for a Los Angeles chiropractor near you we have two offices, one in Los Angeles and another in Carson, just south of LAX.  In this article, we will discuss exactly what the Blair technique is and how it can help you recover your health. 

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What is the Blair Technique- Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Our Los Angeles upper cervical chiropractic office is unique in that we do not use twisting, popping, or pulling in our adjusting technique. The corrective process is unique to each person's anatomy and the information used to make the correction is based on precise imaging.

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Every joint in the neck, and body for that matter, are mirror images of each other. If there is a spinal misalignment it will occur at the joint margin and therefore imaging which views the joint margin can determine exactly what direction the misalignment has occurred. Because everyone’s anatomy is unique it is imperative that precision and finesse is used to correct each patient properly.

The hallmark of our upper cervical health care facility is the principle of “ holding “ the adjustment. We stress that the adjustment is NOT  a treatment but rather a biomechanical correction that restores normal motion and physiology.  Whiplash type trauma and other blunt trauma sets the stage for spinal misalignment and future health problems.

What types of Conditions We See in our Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractic Offices

We call our office the office of last resort. Patients who find their way into our offices, unfortunately, come after spending an average of 10 000 dollars on other health care facilities but are still struggling for answers. This results from the utter lack of awareness the public has regarding how upper cervical spine injuries can lead to chronic health problems.

The most common conditions that we see regularly in our offices are vertigo, Ménière’s disease, trigeminal neuralgia, post-concussion syndrome, migraine, insomnia, neck pain, and TMJ problems. When it comes to chronic health problems our current health system takes a symptom-based treatment approach, without ever considering what the cause may be. This is why these conditions mentioned above are failed by mainstream medicine. Health results when the body is functioning normally. 

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To get well from any chronic health problem you must do things that help the body FUNCTION better, not treat the effect or symptom. Healing occurs when the body is given the things it needs to heal from damage. In the case of spinal trauma, you must correct the structure of the spine so the central nervous system can function optimally. If you have a spinal misalignment that is reducing the nervous system's ability to function normally then you must fix it to maximize function. 

A healthy diet, proper rest, stress-reducing techniques, and exercise are all-natural things you can do that will support health. We use an old adage in our office. “ nature needs no help just no interference.” All the raw materials are present in each of us to be well. However, if we have interference to the nervous system you cannot function optimally and ill health can be the result. If you have been struggling with a chronic health condition do yourself a favor and get to an upper cervical chiropractic office and find out if you have a spinal misalignment that is interfering with your health!

Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractor- Get the Help You Deserve - No cracking Twisting or Pulling

As we discussed briefly, we go to great lengths with high-quality imaging to find the cause of your problem. Imaging takes the guesswork out of determining exactly what direction your upper neck has misaligned from normal. The information gleaned from the imaging is used to precisely correct your spine. Then the most important part is to only correct the spinal misalignment when it returns again. 

We call this “holding” the adjustment. When the spinal segment stays in its normal range of motion, “holding”, the body then makes every attempt to structurally correct the posture and to return the body's physiology to normal. Of course, this process takes time.  We have found patients who give their body time to heal and get checked regularly, nature eventually delivers them out the other side and they get well.

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Dr. Hall has been in practice for over 20 years and practices the Blair Technique because it changed his entire life 28 years ago. He knows what it is like to go from doctor to doctor and be left with no answers. Thankfully he also knows what it’s like to recover health through this natural health care procedure and is eager to help you recover your health too!

Our Los Angeles upper cervical-based offices use chirowebmd system and offer a FREE consultation and exam.  We will run a battery of tests and also review your history and educate you about exactly what we do and how it can help you. We hope the information in this blog will reach those who have been searching for answers but til this point have had no success or healing from your condition.  Hope to see you soon!