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Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Los Angeles

Posted in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Jun 01, 2015

Carpal Tunnel  Treatment  Los Angles-Upper Cervical Care

Carpal Tunnel seems like a mundane issue but for those who have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome they know otherwise. Evidence suggests that about 3% of women and 2% of men will be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome during their lifetime. With peak prevalence in women older than 55.

This means that over 350 000 people will suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in the Los Angeles metro area in the coming future. Carpal tunnel can start gradually with numbness or tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers and its symptoms are episodic. This may be associated with discomfort in the wrist and hand. The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel are below: 

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Tingling or numbness:  People experience tingling and numbness in their fingers or hand, especially the thumb, index, and middle or ring fingers. They do not experience tingling or numbness in the little finger. This sensation often occurs while holding a steering wheel, phone or newspaper. 

Oftentimes the symptoms wake the person from sleep. People with carpal tunnel often feel like they have to shake their hands out to relieve their symptoms. Over time these symptoms may become constant. 

Weakness:  People with carpal tunnel experience weakness in their hands and a tendency to drop things that they are trying to grasp. This is a result of the median nerve being compromised in the wrist. What can you do to help this condition that does not involve drugs or surgery?  

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Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic Treatment

Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic Treatment

Dec 08, 2018

The most common medical procedure is carpal tunnel surgery. The "carpal tunnel" is an oval-like structure in the wrist where the median nerve travels through.  Those who suffer from the carpal tunnel are anatomically compromised in that region and as a result, the median nerve is irritated and swells.  

The symptoms plague the individual chronically especially if they are doing repetitive movements with the wrist.  Most opt for a surgery that is done to enlarge the area which decreases the irritation on the median nerve giving relief.


This will take a minute but hang in there with me on this explanation. The muscular tone in the body is controlled in the brainstem in your upper cervical spine. If this center functions properly then the muscular tone throughout the spine and body is symmetrical. 

When someone compromises this area structurally by having a trauma, the top bone in the neck is misaligned and interference to the brain-stem and associated nerve results. Once the atlas misaligns the structure of the body becomes imbalanced. 

One-shoulder becomes higher than the other, one hip higher than the other, the head is carried to one side and overall these imbalances cause compensatory adaptations throughout the body. When the levator scapula and scalene muscles(muscles in the neck) become tighter on one side compared to the other this draws the shoulder up and forward which also affects the musculature down to the arm. 

It has been our experience in our Upper Cervical Care Offices In Los Angeles when people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome get their atlas corrected oftentimes not only do their carpal tunnel syndrome problems improve but other problems that exist in the body improve also.  This is possible because when the atlas is re-positioned the normal balanced tone of the muscles returns. 

There is a "trickle-down" effect that occurs and the joints of the body move better and go back to the positions that they were intended to be in. Most joint issues in the body come back to the source of muscle tone control. When a normal tone exists in the system everything works better. 

Upper Cervical Care is a system of health care whose goal is NOT to Treat the symptoms but to allow the underlying neurological system to function at its optimum. When the interference is removed through a very precise gentle correction, the body naturally restores balance and function. Give Upper Cervical Care a chance. You might just find it changes your life.