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Chronic Leg Pain Treatment - Los Angeles

Posted in Leg Pain on Feb 29, 2012

Chronic Leg Pain Treatment - Los Angeles

To quote the developer of Upper Cervical Care: "To adjust the vertebral subluxation is to step up man's efficiency."  When a patient has his/her atlas corrected, it allows the body to function better.  When the body functions better it gives it its best chance to heal and repair any imbalance in the system. 

 Many patients not only report that their pain resolves but many report that their overall emotional health is affected. They find they relate better to their spouses and kids. They find they sleep deeper and that their overall health picture improves.  This is what one should expect.

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The nervous system controls and coordinates ALL body systems.   If the atlas vertebra at the base of the skull is out of alignment it interferes with health.  Pure and simple.  Correcting this interference should affect more than just pain. 

 Listen in and you will see that Upper Cervical Care has far-reaching effects, beyond just pain removal!  ENJOY! Listen to this patient describe how his leg pain and other health problems either disappeared or improved with Upper Cervical Care.

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