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Chronic Neck Pain Relief Los Angeles

Posted in Chronic Pain, Neck Pain on Jun 15, 2011

What Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

Neck pain is just neck pain, right? For anyone that has suffered from chronic neck pain of any type knows how it affects one's quality of life. When a health condition becomes chronic it interferes with one's quality of work performance, enjoyment of leisure activities, relationships, and overall is a burden.

 Most patients that seek help in our office have been to many health care professionals searching for a solution. We often call ourselves the doctor of last resort.

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Rarely are we the first doctor that a chronic patient sees. We live in a health care system that teaches people that solutions to health problems are found in a bottle and prescribed by your doctor. In many cases, patients have seen twenty or thirty doctors before they step foot in ours. We always do our absolute best to make sure we are the last doctor they see!   Enjoy today's brief testimony on how chronic neck pain can affect one's life.

In our  Los Angeles offices, we have seen over 8000 in the past 15 years Recently we did a survey of over 100 of our patients. The number one thing most commonly reported was pain relief. How does correcting spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine help chronic pain? 

When someone suffers an injury to the neck it can result in joint damage. Joint damage can be a huge factor in the underlying cause of chronic pain syndromes. No matter how much Advil you take you will never fix the tissue damage that underlies these types of chronic pain syndromes.

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The Blair Upper Cervical Procedure's goal is to find joints in the neck that are misaligned causing abnormal interference to the central nervous system. These joint misalignments are determined through precise x-rays.

Once the joint misalignment is visualized it can then be corrected using the precise information gleaned from the x-ray. These spinal corrections are made with no popping, pulling or twisting of the neck. Once corrected the patient is monitored overtime to ensure the correction is "holding". If the joint "locks" out of position on a subsequent visit another correction is made. The goal of upper cervical care is stabilization. It is when the adjustment is "holding" that allows for the healing and restoration of proper neurological function.