How Can I Correct My Poor Posture In Los Angeles?

Exercise Tips - How To Help Poor Posture? Natural ProcedureThat Gets To The Cause Of Poor Posture

If most people stand long enough or sitin one position long enough they will find that they start to achein several locations due to poor posture. When standing many peoplefind it easier to stand on one leg and then switch to the other.While sitting many people tend to slouch, sit with their headforward while staring at the computer screen, and overall areunbalanced.

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 In this article, we will give tipson how to help coax your body back towards balance and at the sametime offer a natural solution that can get to the underlying causeof postural imbalance-Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

What Is Postural Imbalance?

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If you look at a person from the backthe head should be straight, both shoulders left and right shouldbe balanced, the hips should be level and the feet should both bebalanced with the other. (fig.1) From the side, if one dropped aplumb line the ear hole should be directly above the bump in yourshoulder (acromion), and in line with the greater trochanter of thehip, and in line with the ankles. 

When all of these factors are balancedit is an indication that your postural muscle tone, which iscontrolled by the central nervous system, is functioning optimally.Imbalances in posture are the result of structural misalignments inthe spine which are interfering with normal postural muscletone.

Exercise Tips That Can Help PoorPosture:

Exercise one - Towel roll exercise forthe cervical spine and lumbar spine:

This particular exercise is good foropening the spinal joints and encouraging the normal spinal curvesin the neck and lumbar spine to return to normal. This exercise isexceedingly more successful when it is used in combination withupper cervical corrective care. Below is a video that explains thetowel roll exercise:

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Exercise two - Chin NeckGlide:

The chin neck glide is a modifiedMckenzie exercise that helps the joints in the neck keep theirnormal motion. Most people have the most common postural fault,anterior head bearing, and the Mckenzie exercise is one exercisethat can help. 

This exercise is exponentially moreeffective if the person is under upper cervical corrective care.Below is a video that helps explain what this exercise entails:

Exercise three:

-Breathe out and feel the connection of your feet on thefloor.

-Every time you breathe out, feel heavy and stable, “grounded”from the waist down.

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-Once you have found the “grounding”, keep focusing on that asyou exhale and every time you inhale feel lightness and length fromthe waist upward.

-Keep breathing in this way for a few minutes, with thesensations of both grounding and lightness in mind. Our breath andour focus help us feel stable and tall at the same time.

Stretching Exercises:

Most people these days are inactive andare sitting for many hours a day in a hunched position. This causesshortening in the muscles. Stretching is a great way to helpmaintain a normal posture. Most Americans have tight hamstringmuscles(muscles in the back of the legs). When the hamstrings aretight they have a pulling effect on the spine and can flatten thelower back curve.

Exercise four:

While standing bend over at the waistand just hang. Take a deep breath in and on exhale relax everythingand hang further. You will find on each exhale you will reach downa little further. Do 10 cycles of deep inhale and exhaledaily? 

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You will be amazed at how quickly youcan increase your flexibility with this simple exercise and how itcan take the pressure off the lower back.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Be AnUnderlying Cause Of Poor Posture

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a littleknown procedure that deals with the intimate relationship of thetop two bones in the neck, the brain-stem, and the central nervoussystem. Trauma in prior years can set the stage for posturalfaults. Because the brain-stem controls the postural muscle tonethroughout the body, structural misalignments at the base of theskull can interfere with normal posture.

In our Los Angeles offices, one of themost common things we see on x-ray is a loss of cervical normalcervical neck curve hypolordosis. This is in direct response toincreased muscle tightening of the cervical spine which pulls theneck straight. 

In a chain reaction, the body adapts byincreasing the tone of the mid-back muscles to compensate for theforward head posture. Also, the imbalance in tone causes the headto be off-center, one shoulder higher than the other, and one legor pelvis higher than the other.

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Above we discussed simple exercises thatcan be done that can help bring this into balance. While theexercises are helpful the underlying cause of the muscle toneimbalance is the lack of postural control at the brain-stem level.When the root of the problem is fixed the exercises can help thebody regain its loss of postural balance.

Many health problems can be part andparcel of postural imbalance. Low back pain, neck pain, sciatica,headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia and othernonmusculoskeletal problems can be tied back to brain-stemirritation and interference.

Our Los Angeles offices offer a FREEconsultation to determine if our care can help you recover yourlost health. 

About the author:

Dr. Hall has been the president of the BLAIR Upper CervicalChiropractic Society for nine years. He is a BLAIR techniqueinstructor and has been practicing the procedure for 16 yearsseeing over 9000 patients. Dr. Hall runs two offices, one in LosAngeles the other in Carson.

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