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Depression Los Angeles-Natural Relief With Upper Cervical

Posted in Depression on May 26, 2015

Depression Los Angeles-Natural Relief-Upper Cervical Care

When people suffer from chronic or long-lasting episodes of stress, anxiety, fear, uneasiness, nervousness, and the mental impact can become chronic. Disruptions in the normal flow of hormones, oxygen, blood, and nutrients throughout the body will contribute to imbalances that can severely affect body functions such as sleep, mental sharpness, growth and development, and even lead to depression.

Stress is indeed one of the biggest killers and it leads to one the most devastating of all mental disorders-depression. So what can be done to help achieve long-lasting relief from day-to-day stress, anxiety, and depression? The answer can be found in Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care which has been found an effective treatment for depression in Los Angeles.

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Human bodies elicit the same response to stress and anxiety that is seen with actual physical bodily harm and pain. Over time as the stress and anxiety build the effects are compounded and lead to anxiety and depression. Studies have been done that subjected test subjects to almost 2 weeks of major stress and anxiety causing situations. After ten

days of stressful events, most people feel very stressed, anxious, or depressed.  This is largely due to the fact that the adrenal glands increase the amount of the fight or flight stress hormone production when we feel stressed. In just a day or two, the body will become adapted to these levels and after a week of stressful stimuli and hormone production, the body can become addicted to that feeling and actually crave stress and anxiety at a subconscious level.  

Even though all depression is not reactive to situations of life many cases are just that.  Upper Cervical Care has not only been found effective for helping people deal with stress it has also been found effective helping people who have physiology-based depression. 

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The literature is full of information that shows that head trauma can be a prelude to people who suffer from depression. This trauma can dislodge the top vertebrae in the neck causing interference to the brainstem and associated neurological structures that impact human physiology.   

High levels of stress hormone levels can lead to anxiety, sleep problems,  fatigue, frequent infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, weight gain, and chronic pain,  depression, among many others. Many people come to us seeing help for these symptoms, never realizing that they are tied to the imbalance of hormones and communications with the brain that is causing this abundance of stress hormone and feeding the problems. 

These issues with depression in Los Angeles can be treated with Dr Drew Hall's unique UC approach to spine care.

Many people come to us asking about Upper Cervical Chiropractic as a last option. We talk to many people who are desperate for relief from their depression and anxiety and who have tried medications, therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, and every other treatment under the sun often times receiving little help. 

While there is no one size fits all many people who suffer find tremendous help while under Upper Cervical Care.  Many people do not expect results with UCC but are surprised to see how quickly they begin to feel better and how much relief they can get from a simple spine alignment.