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Facial Nerve, Bell’s Palsy and Blair Upper Cervical Care

Posted in Bell's Palsy on Apr 18, 2018

Bell’s Palsy and the Seventh Cranial Nerve

Recently our Los Angeles Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic offices have seen several Bell’s palsy cases come in for care. Our offices pride themselves on helping chronically sick individuals who have been searching for answers many times for months or years before they set foot in our office.

In this article we would like to discuss the neuroanatomy of the facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) and how bell’s palsy presents, and what you can do to naturally heal it. 

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Later in the article, we will discuss a little-known procedure called Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic and how this natural procedure is helping people with bell’s palsy and other chronic health problems recover naturally. 

Bell’s palsy is a condition in which the 7th cranial nerve malfunctions dues to a host of possible causes. The facial nerve is responsible for controlling the muscles of facial expression.

There are three branches that control facial expression each emanating from the main nerve trunk that exits the brains stem at the pons medulla junction. The nerve is also responsible for blinking, anterior 1/3 of the tongue’s tasting ability, salivary glandular function, and the glands that produce fluid for the eyeball. It also is responsible for controlling a muscle in the inner ear called the stapedius.

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Bell’s Palsy Onset

Bell's Palsy onset is usually sudden. Although it can be accompanied by increased sensitivity to sound before the main symptoms set in. Generally, the bell’s palsy starts by causing facial paralysis. One side of the face droops, blinking becomes difficult, the corner of the mouth drools, and often the patient's taste and ability to generate eye fluid is either exaggerated or muted.

Bell’s Palsy Prognosis

Bell’s Palsy will often go away with time. However, many cases of Bell’s palsy persist for months and sometimes years. It is thought that Bell’s Palsy can be caused by viral infections or stress, however, no medical procedure has been found to be effective. 

At the end of the day, the bell’s Palsy heals due to the body's own recuperative power. Therefore, if you suffer from Bell’s palsy it is important to do natural health care procedures that help the body function better, so it can heal through the underlying cause. 

Recently we had a gentleman come to our Carson office in southern California. He suffered from Bells for three straight months. He was unable to close his eye, smile, or make any facial expressions on one side of his face. 

His eyes were sensitive to light and on the affected side his eye constantly watered. In our office, we are experts at locating and correcting spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine. 

After a battery of tests, we determined that his atlas and axis vertebrae in the neck were misaligned and impacting the central nervous system's ability to function normally. After taking precise digital x-rays we had the information we needed to correct the spinal misalignments. 

Within 7 days this patient's facial expression returned, eye-watering normalized, and his sensitivity to light remitted. He still comes in for periodic check-ups to ensure that his upper neck completely heals in its normal position thus maximizing normal nervous system function.

Unilateral Bell’s Palsy and Implications of neck injury and 7th cranial nerve function

Upper Cervical Doctors are always interested in what are the CAUSES of body dysfunction. While medicine is more interested in diagnosing symptoms and disease and treating their effects, upper cervical is concerned with removing impediments to healing. 

So, the question must be asked- if viruses are responsible for bell’s palsy onset why does it affect one side and not the other? The answer to this question may be the result of interferences in nerve function that are caused by neck injury. 

When someone sustains a blow to the head or neck, the junction between the head and neck can misalign. Spinal misalignment at the neck skull junction can result in irritation and interference to the central nervous system. 

The 7th cranial nerve’s nuclei are controlled in the cranial vault, however, there are never tracts that travel into the neck and then back out the seventh cranial nerve. It is possible that neck trauma sets the stage for imbalances in neurological function that affect one side of the cranial nerve and not the other, making it more susceptible to viral overload or being affected by increased stress.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors have had great success with helping people with Bell’s palsy and this may be due to their ability to help the central nervous system function more optimally. When interferences are removed from the central nervous system it allows the body to right itself.

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We hope that this information was useful and will lead those who are searching for a natural health care solution to an answer they are seeking. We always end these articles with a famous quote from the developer of chiropractic – “nature needs no help just no interference.” If you have been told its all in your head or you are just going to have to live with it- keep searching for an answer. We are big believers that for every problem there is a solution.