Facial Nerve Palsy and Birth Trauma-Upper Neck Trauma

This past week our office had the opportunity to help a 31-day old child who was injured during birth by forceps delivery. While forceps and vacuum extraction is sometimes necessary, follow up care with a trained upper cervical chiropractor should follow to ensure that the upper cervical spine has not been compromised.

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Chiropractic and Child care in Los Angeles & Carson offices

Chiropractic and Child care in Los Angeles & Carson offices

Apr 23, 2018

The pictures that follow are a pre and post image of a patient who suffered facial nerve palsy resulting from a forceps delivery. Not only was the infant's eye shut and paralyzed, but she also persistently carried her head to the right side persistently.

An exam was performed to find out if brainstem irritation and interference exists. This is done by using a supine leg balance check. This test can indicate if the postural muscles are imbalanced due to upper cervical injury. This case showed a right ¾ inch leg length inequality (short leg), meaning the leg on one side was short compared to the other. Also, of note was significantly tight muscles at the base of the skull on the right. 

Another indicator that the nervous system was not controlling the spinal muscles symmetrically and is a red flag that the neck is compromising the central nervous system.  Other tests were performed which indicated that the top atlas vertebrae were misaligned to the right and a specific noninvasive correction was made that involves no twisting popping or pulling of the neck. In fact, the correction is less than 3 pounds of force and in this infant’s case, they stayed asleep during the correction. 

Pre-Post Upper Cervical Correction Showing Improvement of Facial Nerve Palsy In 31 Day Old Infant

The pictures below show how a precise upper neck correction can free up the atlas vertebrae and allow the central nervous system to function optimally again. Within 15 minutes this little child’s eye started to open. The picture below that shows the child’s eye opened again is one of our post-correction and was texted to our office by the family. It should be noted that three percent of childbirths in the United States are performed by vacuum or forceps extraction.

As noted, this is sometimes necessary to save a kid’s life that is stuck in the birth canal. However, most of these kids are never checked by an upper cervical specialist and live the rest of their lives with a compromised nervous system.  Upper cervical spinal misalignment has severed far-reaching impacts on health and can be the underlying cause of a host of chronic health problems that occur later in life.

Why is The Upper Cervical Spine So Important? Facial Nerve Palsy

The upper cervical spine is the most important part of human anatomy when it comes to function and health. The brainstem is housed inside of the atlas(c-1) and axis(c-2) vertebrae and is the seat of control for almost all autonomic functions.  Heart function, respiratory function, muscle tone regulation, thermoregulation and all of the functions in the body that are not under conscious control are regulated by the brainstem.

Therefore, it is paramount to the health of the body.  The brainstem can be compromised by neck trauma. The head weighs on average 10-12 pounds in an adult and rests on the first cervical vertebrae the atlas weighing 2 ounces. To complicate things further it sits on the end of a stick your neck. This precarious biomechanical relationship makes the head-neck junction susceptible to injury and spinal misalignment.

Once the neck is misaligned due to trauma it causes irritation to the brainstem and compromises normal function which can cause long term health problems. The goal of Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to correct and stabilize upper cervical injury so the central nervous system can function better.  Not only can upper cervical care help kids with facial nerve palsy but the procedure should be implemented on a large scale to maximize people’s ability to function normally and achieve the highest level of health possible.

Common Pediatric Conditions That Can Be Helped By Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

In our Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractic Offices over the past 18 years we have seen over 11000 patients, seven hundred of them have been under 8 years old.  Chronic ear infections, colic, speech delay, learning disabilities, ADD and other developmental pediatric conditions often respond favorably to correcting the most vital area of the human body, the neck.

While upper cervical care is NOT a cure-all, allowing the central nervous system to function optimally can have far-reaching effects on a variety of chronic health conditions and developmental problems. If you or a loved one is suffering from facial nerve palsy and live in Los Angeles are and is looking for a natural way to improve your child’s health our office offers a FREE consultation. 

We hope this article finds families who are being affected by facial nerve palsy and will get into the hands of those that need it!

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