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Finding The Best Los Angeles Chiropractor

Posted in About Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Los Angeles Chiropractor on Aug 28, 2017

How To Locate The Best Los Angeles Chiropractor For you

Finding the best  Los Angeles chiropractor is not easy. As you may have found, there are hundreds of chiropractic doctors in the Los Angeles Metro Area. This article has been written to help you better understand what we do which will help you decide whether our office is the best fit for you and your family.

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Within the chiropractic profession, there are many different techniques and many different modalities that are used to help patients. We would like to help you understand the differences between the types of care that are available.

Straight Chiropractic Offices vs Multi-Treatment Chiropractic Offices

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Some chiropractors employ many different modalities to help their patients. They can give nutritional advice, do physical therapy, make spinal corrections, acupuncture, massage, and more. Each of these healing modalities can help patients recover lost health. Multi treatment offices take the approach that each client is different and needs a different treatment regimen.

There is a smaller fraction of the profession that chooses to focus solely on the correction of spinal misalignment. These Chiropractors are called straight chiropractors. While these doctors recognize that nutrition, exercise, and other natural treatments may benefit the patient, they choose to focus ALL their attention on the correction of nerve irritation caused by structural misalignments of the spine. 

If a patient needs other services these doctors tend to surround themselves with other experts in their chosen field that focus solely on their area of expertise.

Our Los Angeles Chiropractor Offices Practice Straight Chiropractic

Our clinic has two locations, Los Angeles and Carson. We focus our attention solely on the spine and solely on the upper neck region. We will explain why. The neck head junction is the weakest structural area of the spine. It houses the most important part of the human body called the brain-stem. 

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The upper neck region is the most unstable junction of the spine because the head weighs 10-12 pounds and the atlas (c-1) weighs 2 ounces. This precarious biomechanical region makes it susceptible to injury. As a result, injuries to the body that result from whiplash, sports injuries, and other jolting traumas tend to affect this area of the spine disproportionately.

Even though an Upper Cervical Doctor does not adjust the lower spine there is a method to their madness. The brain-stem located in the upper neck is the controlling factor not only in posture but also controls most of the body's function that you do not think about. By correcting the neck it has an effect not only on the entire spine but can affect any system of the body.

Upper Cervical Doctors have the goal of less adjusting. Objective scientific tests are used to determine whether the spinal correction is holding or has moved back out to its abnormal position. The goal is to “hold” the adjustment. The longer the vertebrae stays in its proper position the faster stabilization and healing can accrue.

Last, our Los Angeles chiropractors generally see patients that have been everywhere else. We specialize in helping cases that are at their wit's end. Upper Cervical Chiropractic is very good at helping those that are close to losing all hope. 

In fact, it is the author of the story of this article. I practice Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic because it changed my life when nothing else could. Below you can listen to my healing story!

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Tips that can help you find the best chiropractor in Los Angeles

1. We live in a digital age. You came across our page most likely from a google search. Most of us these days find a lot of information online. Research the doctors that pique your interest. Listen to what their patients are saying. Most chiropractors have a testimony page, youtube channel, and other online reviews that can give you information about their practice and the kinds of results they see.  Reach out to friends and family. 

There is the adage that there is no better information than listening to someone that has had personal experience in a doctor’s office - word of mouth.

2. When researching online you will get a feel for the types of cases a given chiropractic office regularly sees. Some doctors specialize in quick pain relief while others are more focused on taking care of chronically ill patients that have run the gamut of conventional care without success.

3. Most offices have a complimentary consultation. You can schedule a consultation to meet the doctors personally. You can learn a lot by meeting a doctor in person and it gives the doctor a chance to explain exactly what they do in their office and whether your case is a good fit. Schedule here.

We hope that this article helps your endeavor in finding the right Los Angeles chiropractor. If you are interested in having a FREE consultation in our Los Angeles or Carson office you can call 310 324-6172 for Carson office or 213 399-772 for our Los Angeles office. We hope to see you soon.

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"Upper Cervical practitioners hypothesize based on their success in addressing many health conditions that the misalignment of the atlas is blocking communication to various parts of the body and thereby affecting the body’s own ability to correct the problem. “

About the author:

Dr. Hall has been the president of the BLAIR Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society for nine years. He is a BLAIR technique instructor and has been practicing the procedure for 16 years seeing over 9000 patients. Dr. Hall runs two offices, one in Los Angeles the other in Carson.