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Headache Specialist Los Angeles and Carson

Posted in Headaches, Migraine Headaches on Mar 30, 2015

Headache Specialist Los Angeles

A migraine is a debilitating condition that affects 36 million Americans according to the Migraine Research Foundation. Those who suffer lose untold amounts of hours in productivity at work, time with family, and live under the fear of when their next attack will come.

According to the Migraine Foundation, Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world's most disabling medical illnesses.1Current medical treatment is largely pharmaceutically-based. The current thinking is that the cause of a migraine is unknown and as a result the current system drugs patients instead of looking for causes. " One of the most successful treatments for migraine is over-the-counter Excedrin.

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Over the counter, Excedrin has caffeine as one of the ingredients. Migraine patients often report that a strong cup of coffee can stop some attacks. This is not surprising to hear. Caffeine is a key active ingredient in many headache medications including ExcedrinTM, AnacinTM, MidolTM, Darvon CompoundTM, FioricetTM, and MigranalTM." 

While these medications do give some sufferers relief it does not address the cause and many of the medications have severe side effects and long-term overload the livers detoxification capacities.

One promising natural form of care that is helping hundreds nationwide is a little-known procedure called Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic. Finding someone who specializes in people who suffer from migraines is not easy. 

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And it is even more difficult to find someone who specializes and is looking at the cause of not treating the symptoms. This form of care deals with the relationship of the top vertebra the atlas and its biomechanical relationship to the skull and the second vertebra in the neck the axis.

Many people who have migraine headaches have them after acute trauma to the head and neck. Dr. Sam Hong in his article titled "A posttraumatic headache 2012" illustrates the correlation that head and neck trauma can have on migraine and headache sufferers.

The bottom line is migraines are not fun to suffer with and those that suffer are looking for answers. Listen to these two patients tell their stories about how they suffered for months with migraines until they found help with Dr. Drew Hall in Los Angeles at Upper Cervical Health Centers of America.

There is a specialist in Los Angeles for migraines headaches. To listen to their stories watch these videos.


Also in the literature is a case study published by Drs. Hubbard and Kane out of Palmer College Davenport. To read this research article you can view it here: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And now I say a video is worth a million.

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Our current medical establishment says these stories are just anecdotal as if they are worthless. But to those that have found natural relief through Upper Cervical Care are glad they trusted their gut when they chose the road less traveled.

Sometimes answers to our problems come in areas that we least thought they would come from. While the medical world seems baffled by the migraine issue and continues to throw strong medications at suffers there must be a better answer.

We have written this blog in hopes that those who read it will find hope and act on its contents and visit an Upper Cervical Doctor in their locale. While no one type of care is the cure-all for anything Upper Cervical Blair Care has been helping thousands throughout the nation with their migraine issues and it would behoove anyone who suffers to get checked to see if they can be helped. For more info on what Upper Cervical Care is, watch this short video. Until next time.

We hope that this blog has found those that suffer and are on the path to healing naturally!

Finding a Migraine Specialist in Los Angeles.