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Hydrops Treatment in Los Angeles and Carson

Posted in Hydrops, Vestibular Disorders on Jan 15, 2016

Hydrops May be Caused by Muscle Tone Imbalance of the Eustachian Tube

Endolymphatic hydrops is a syndrome of the balance system, which is part of the inner ear.  This condition results in fluctuations of the endolymph fluid, which fills the hearing and balance structures of the inner ear. The fluctuations of fluid can cause pressure in the ear and fullness.  

Endolymph fluid, which is regulated by the endolymph sac, flows through the inner ear and is critical to hearing. In addition to water, endolymph fluid contains salts such as sodium, potassium, chloride and other electrolytes.  

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At Upper Cervical Health Centers Los Angeles we have found that the underlying cause of Hydrops can be associated with injuries to the Upper Cervical Spine, which results in abnormal function of the inner ear due to nerve interference.

Hydrops is the cousin of  Meniere's Disease. Patients who suffer from it generally have all of the same symptoms as Meniere's sufferers without the violent vertigo attacks.  We have come to realize that in both the cases of Meniere's and Hydrops the muscles that line the eustachian tube are malfunctioning.   

This causes the eustachian tube to close and over time creates the sensation of water in the ear, cotton in the ear, loss of hearing, and many of the other bizarre symptoms they experience.  In fact, there is a neurological connection between the upper cervical spine and the functioning of these muscles. 

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Dr. Dan Murphy has compiled neuropathways that explain how the upper cervical spine can cause the underlying situation that provokes Meniere's and Hydrops in the first place. Right here in Los Angeles, our office has been helping Meniere's and Hydrops sufferers recover naturally.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research And Hydrops/Meniere's Disease

Dr. Michael Burcon, out of Grand Rapids Michigan,  has published research showing that there is a correlation between Upper Cervical Misalignments and Meniere's. He has successfully treated over 300 cases of medically diagnosed Meniere's.  Several years ago he published research connecting whiplash injuries to the onset of Meniere's Disease and resolution following Upper Cervical Care.

We hope that this blog has led you to information that will help you overcome your health challenges. health is our greatest wealth. With it you hare happy, prosper and life is good. Without it life can be a drag.  We always end these blogs with a quote from BJ Palmer, "Nature needs no help just no interference."

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