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Insomnia Help in Los Angeles

Posted in Insomnia on May 10, 2015

Insomnia Los Angeles – Sleep Doesn't Have To Be Elusive

Upper Cervical Care is a simple yet profound healing method that has been shown to be very helpful in reducing the severity of insomnia and in helping to deliver deeper more restful sleep to patients who get the care. If the Atlas Vertebrae is out of its proper position, it sets up a cascade of events through the nervous system and sets off a chain reaction in the body.

Stress on the brain-stem and associated spinal nerves will cause pain, numbness, difficulty sleeping, and lethargy in many people, all things that help contribute to insomnia. Often times patients seek the help of a chiropractor because they are suffering from one condition, but are surprised to find that there are secondary issues that are also contributing to their main problem, many of which tie into the spine and nervous system. 

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This is one of the most common causes of insomnia we see in our office in Los Angeles. The body responds to stressors in order to adapt you to your environment. So, when you are going under an undue amount of stress or physical pain and discomfort, the body responds by heightening your state of arousal, putting you into a sort of ‘survival mode’. 

This increased state of stress and arousal can cause a person to have an unusual sleeping pattern as their heightened level of stress leaves them tired at irregular intervals, taking naps and not being able to stay down for their full night. 

What we find in our office in many cases of insomnia in Los Angeles where someone is coming to us with sleep issues is that these individuals who have stress on the nervous system often have issues they may or may not be aware of involving their spine. 

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Natural Insomnia Treatment in Los Angeles

Natural Insomnia Treatment in Los Angeles

Nov 11, 2014

Many people are surprised to find that the spinal cord and brain stem are the ones that help to control and trigger the release of hormones and neuroreceptors which helps control sleep cycles. When these nerves are affected or otherwise hampered or damaged by atlas misalignment these hormones are not released properly, which can lead to insomnia and other sleep-related issues such as apnea, high blood pressure, and numbness of the arms and legs. 

This is where a spinal correction can be very beneficial. By ensuring previous injuries and stresses have been corrected so they do not pull the spine further out of alignment, they can attain a properly functioning nervous system and have one that can regulate proper hormone levels, stimulate good sleep, and balance bodily functions. 

At Dr. Upper Cervical Health Centers Los Angeles, we approach these problems in the spine and offer new and improved natural insomnia care in Los Angeles with specific x-ray techniques that let us see a person’s spinal distortions in great detail. 

The Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic method uses gentle corrections in order to move and adjust the joints in the spine into the natural alignments they should be maintaining. The cervical care treatments also help correct the pulling and tension misalignment and pressure can put on the spinal cord and the nerve bundles in that problem area. Less tension leads to a happier body and that leads to the best night's sleep!