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Los Angeles Pain Management | Essential Tremors

Posted in About Upper Cervical Chiropractic on Oct 22, 2014

Los Angeles Pain Management | Essential Tremors

Essential tremors are common, in fact, it is estimated that 10 million Americans suffer from essential tremor. While tremors are associated with the elderly, the video testimony below is a young man who almost lost his job because of a hand tremor. There are many jobs that are adversely affected by the tremor. 

Artists, welders, athletes, surgeons, and dentists are just a few of the professions where a steady hand is essential to carrying out the job at a high level.  Our goal with our blogging efforts is to reach the people on the net who have been turned away by conventional medicine. 

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Many have been told there is nothing more that can be done or, "here just take this drug and live with it". The upper cervical procedure is a precise, non-invasive procedure that carries the goal to correct the position of the upper two bones of the neck. 

We find in our offices that many syndromes like essential tremor are predated by a head trauma; a car accident, sports injury or slip and fall accident. These traumas can cause damage to the supporting soft tissue of the upper cervical spine(ligaments, joint capsules, and muscles) which then predisposes the individual to nerve damage and irritation.

When the upper neck is damaged the top vertebra loses proper alignment and causes interference to the spinal cord. 

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This can result in a plethora of health conditions. The most common thing upper cervical doctors see in their office is pain.  Those people who are seeking pain management in Los Angeles should consult an Upper Cervical Doctor.

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