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Meneires Doctor in Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Blair Care

Posted in Meniere's Disease, Vestibular Disorders on Jun 22, 2015

Meniere's Doctor in Los Angeles |Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

By the time they come to our office the typical Meniere's case has all but given up. Most have already been to see a family doctor, one or two HEENT doctors, an audiologist, and a house-clinic. Many have tried changing their diet, seeing an acupuncturist, or a whole host of things. In the following article, we will explain what mechanisms likely cause Menuires.

We will offer what we feel is the best long-term solution for Meneires in health care. Meniere's sufferers deal with a host of symptoms. For some, they are completely incapacitating. Others are milder - but still disruptive to their daily activities.

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The following symptoms  can be intermittent or almost continuous depending on the case:

1. Severe bouts of vomiting and nausea that in some cases send the patient to the hospital.2. Roaring, hissing, or ringing in the ear.3. Feeling of cotton in the ear canal or swelling.4. Cognitive disturbance-feeling like you lost 40 points on your IQ.5. Nausea and fatigue.

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Does Chiropractic Help With Meniere's?

Does Chiropractic Help With Meniere's?

Sep 23, 2014

Conventional Medical Treatment:

1. Drugs:

Dyazide is often prescribed which is a diuretic. This sometimes will lessen the pressure in the endolymphatic sac and give temporary relief. Also prescribed is antivert when dizziness strikes. Both at best are temporary band-aids that at times can provide relief.

2. Endolymphatic shunt and other invasive medical surgeries and their outcomes:

If symptoms are not controlled with drugs, surgery may be considered." Endolymphatic subarachnoid shunting is the least invasive surgery available. At two years post-surgery, it is found to be 38% effective in controlling vertigo, similar to a placebo. The long-term results of hearing function tests show no improvement.

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Vestibular Disorders Treatment in Los Angeles

Vestibular Disorders Treatment in Los Angeles

Jul 20, 2015

Vestibular neurectomy may be performed. This is an inter-cranial procedure that requires several days of hospitalization. The patient will have extreme vertigo after the inner ear destruction) is effective in eliminating symptoms, but also totally destroys hearing. 

The Meniett device is a small machine that provides low-pressure pulses through a ventilation tube placed in the eardrum. It has not been proven to be more effective than ³pumping´ your ear with the cup of your hand. the procedure followed by weeks of imbalance. " 1

Most of Meniere's sufferers are looking for a solution to their problem.

That goes for anyone with any condition. What is the cause and what can we do s that will actually allow the body to heal through the cause so it does not exist anymore. Meniere's is a disease that affects the vestibular pathways and as a result, it disrupts the normal balance in the body. 

Most of Meniere's sufferers we have seen have had trauma that predates their Meniere's onset by about ten years. Dr. Michael Burcon out of Michigan who has published research on Meniere's and Upper Cervical Care has shown that the average Meniere's case had a trauma approximately 11 years prior to onset. 

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Meniere's Disease and Vertigo Doctor in Los Angeles

Meniere's Disease and Vertigo Doctor in Los Angeles

Jan 04, 2016

While this is preliminary research it looks like Meniere's disease is the result of a whiplash-type trauma to the neck that displaces the top vertebra in the neck(c-1 vertebra) which then over time causes a cascade of disruption through the body leading to Meniere's disease.

Mechanism of Injury Leading to Meniere's Disease:

The head-on average weighs 10-11 pounds. It sits on a bone called the atlas that weighs 2 ounces. This junction between the head and the atlas is the most vulnerable junction in the entire spine to injury. As one goes through life traumas happen that can displace the atlas vertebra out of its normal alignment with the head. 

When this happens immediately the upper cervical spine musculature becomes asymmetrical in its tone and an adaptation takes place through the entire spine. Initially, most trauma victims get a stiff neck, a minor headache and as the weeks go by the symptoms clear. The trauma over time becomes a distant memory. 

The structural adaptation in the spine does not go away and over time the stresses and strains on the nervous system cause imbalances and dysfunctions. The brainstem which is housed by the atlas and axis vertebra is largely responsible for most autonomic functions of the body. 

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Meniere’s Recovery Los Angeles and Carson

Meniere’s Recovery Los Angeles and Carson

Jan 14, 2016

It houses most of the lower cranial nerves which are responsible for controlling vestibular function and other functions related to balance. In the very large majority of Meniere's cases they suffer from eustachian tube closure which results in loss of hearing, a plugged feeling in the ear, and is oftentimes associated with their attacks. 

Having seen over 50 Meniere's cases we believe that the closure is due to abnormal muscle tone of the muscles that line the Eustachian tube which causes its closure. It also seems that many Meniere's sufferers are more affected during allergy season. 

If the upper cervical misalignment creates an already compromised Eustachian tube the extra load of allergic reactions is enough to cause a disturbance large enough to kick off an attack. One of the quickest responses we see from our Meniere's cases is an opening of the Eustachian tube following an upper cervical correction.


How Can Upper Cervical Corrections Help Meniere's?

When a patient undergoes Upper Cervical Care for Meneires they are run through an extensive exam that determines if they have cord pressure in the upper cervical spine. If they are found to have cord pressure and interference, a specialized set of x-rays are taken to determine exactly how the atlas or axis vertebra have displaced from their normal position. 

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Neurological Basis To Develop Secondary Meniere's Disease

Neurological Basis To Develop Secondary Meniere's Disease

Feb 15, 2016

This is done by looking at the joints. Joints are super imped, positions of one another and if there is a misaligned atlas one will see it when looking at the joint margin. This allows the Upper Cervical Blair Doctor to see exactly how you are out alignment, how your joints are built(angulation) and give the doctor the information that is necessary to make a precise spinal correction. 

Once the correction is made follow-up care is necessary to determine whether or not the correction is holding in its normal position or not. Over time the patient will heal because the interference to the cord has been removed. As we always say to end these blogs. Nature needs no help just no interference. 

Don't settle for symptom-based drug care. Look underneath the symptoms and find the cause of why your body is sick in the first place. This is exactly what Upper Cervical Blair Care does. If you would like to see a Meniere's doctor in Los Angeles you can schedule a free consultation with Upper Cervical Health Centers of Los Angeles or Carson.

Wishing you good health!

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