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Meniere’s Recovery Los Angeles and Carson

Posted in Meniere's Disease, Vestibular Disorders on Jan 14, 2016

Meniere's in Los Angeles - Upper Cervical Care

Right here in Los Angeles, Upper Cervical Health Doctors are helping patients recover from the devastating disease known as Meniere's.   Meniere's disease causes patients to suffer from debilitating vertigo attacks that in many cases are not stopped until the patient is doped up on drugs in the hospital.  

Many of Meniere's sufferers are drug through countless medical procedures including endolymphatic shunt surgeries. While these surgeries at times can offer temporary relief, many get relief only to be followed by more attacks.  Medical science admits they do NOT know what causes Meniere's and, furthermore, have few treatments that give long-lasting relief or cure. 

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In our office, we have seen well over 100 Meniere's cases.  We find that the vertigo attacks, ear fullness, hearing loss, and cognitive fog respond quite well.  This can be explained by neurological pathways that affect the muscles of the Eustachian tube and pathways that control the vestibular apparatus. 

Research has shown that whiplash type traumas can cause damage to the joint surfaces of the upper cervical spine that then cause abnormal signals to the vestibular nucleus and cerebellum, which are responsible for the balance.  

Upper Cervical Doctors are trained to correct spinal misalignments in the upper neck region, which then allows the joints, brainstem and associated spinal nerves to function normally.  This results in healing and in most cases remittance of Meniere's type symptoms. We hope that this blog has been helpful and finds its way to those who are looking for a solution to their health challenges.

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