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Migraine Headaches Cure Resolved

Posted in Migraine Headaches on Jun 15, 2011

Migraine Headaches Cure Resolved

Anyone who has had a migraine headache knows that it is not JUST a headache. Many sufferers lock themselves in a dark room, throw up for hours on end, and feel as though someone has crushed their skull in a vice grip. 

Finding a natural form of health care that resolves them is a blessing. relief increases the patient's quality of life. Most migraine sufferers take medications that give temporary relief but are far from a cure.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care has the goal of allowing the body to heal from the underlying CAUSE of health problems.  That underlying CAUSE is a BLOCK to normal function.

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Lots of research has been published in the past 10 years supporting the idea that neck trauma can lead to tight muscles in the upper neck that lead to neural irritation and ill-health.  One of these muscles has a direct connection to the sensitive covering called the dura mater. (1)  The dura mater is a sheath that covers the spinal cord. When the muscles at the base of the skull tighten their connection to the covering on the spinal cord can cause tension, irritation and distort the nerve tissue.  

This can result in a host of symptoms including headaches, cognitive trouble TMJ and other chronic health conditions.

In the video below you will hear a testimony of a girl who suffered from chronic unrelenting headaches. She exhausted all possible health care measures and luckily came across a blog we had written on migraine headaches. 

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Thankfully she consulted our office and got the care she needed. While Upper Cervical Care is not a cure-all it is oftentimes the thing that changes someone's life that is at their wit's end. Listen below!

We hope that this blog has shed some light on the underlying cause of migraine headaches.  Migraines are not caused by a drug deficiency. They are caused by physiology gone wrong.  To get well you must remove the block to normal function. 

At Upper Cervical Health Care here in Los Angeles we have been helping people recover their health by correcting upper neck misalignments.  If you suffer from a chronic health condition we urge you to get a consultation with an Upper Cervical Doctor.