Natural Approach to Healing Low Back Pain in Los Angeles

Posted in About Upper Cervical Chiropractic on 10/24/2014 00:00 AM

Natural Approach to Healing Low Back Pain in Los Angeles

Back pain is one of our country's most costly ailments, both in terms of suffering to the patient, lost days of productivity in the workplace, and cost to the health care system.  Experts estimate that nearly 600,000 Americans opt for back operations each year. 

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While many people suffer with extreme back pain and are in need of surgery, many of these cases can be solved by non invasive forms of care. In our offices we routinely see pre-surgical low back cases respond well to a little known procedure called Blair Upper Cervical Care.  

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Our motto is: nature needs no help just no interference. Contact us using the form below to learn about how to visit one of our locations and see what upper cervical care can do for you.

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