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Natural Migraine Care In Los Angeles

Posted in About Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Migraine Headaches on Nov 18, 2014

Natural Migraine Care Los Angeles

There has been a lot written about migraines over the years. After all, migraines are one of the top twenty most debilitating diseases in the world according to the Migraine Foundation.  I have been affected by migraines through family members. 

I will be the first to admit that regardless of how one finds relief from migraines it is indeed a blessing.

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Those that suffer from migraines truly suffer and it is a big distraction to living life to its fullest.We live in a system of health care that is remiss with treatments. But, when it comes down to finding causes, our health care system is sorely lacking. 

We've spent amazing amounts of money developing pharmaceuticals, why don't we spend a billion dollars searching for causes? 

Why are we always looking at triggers and treatments? The answer to that question would require delving into the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry and ties to the media. We will leave that for a different post.So why would chocolate cause a migraine in one and not another? Wine? Cheese?

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Patient Receives Natural Help from Migraine Headaches in Los Angeles

Oct 20, 2014

What is it that predisposes one individual to have such triggers? I will give you my opinion on this and then I will offer a little know procedure that is helping thousands nationwide. A safe, natural, noninvasive natural procedure that changes the underlying physiology enough to allow many to live free from this horrible condition.

Triggers imply that something is irritating the body and setting off abnormal function to produce a symptom. In this case Migraines. I would like to suggest that in the case of migraines there is a physiological imbalance already there that when stressed kicks off a migraine.

What do I mean by this? Follow me. Someone is in an accident at age 13. It is a whiplash injury that whips the head violently back and forth traumatizing the head's relationship with the top bone in the neck. 

This most critical junction of the body is where the brainstem sits. It is responsible for controlling most of the functions in your body that you do not think about. In other words when you sleep at night what runs your heart? Your breathing? Your blood pressure? The pH of your blood? Well, that is your brainstem. 

When you have trauma to the neck it insults the nerve system and structurally imbalances that critical junction so that the structural adaptation to the injury predisposes the individual to stress on the brainstem which over time causes the body to not adapt as well as it once did. 

That is what health is. It is your body's ability to adapt to the things in its environment. Why does one person get sick every time there around someone with a cold and another seems to never get sick at all? Why does one person get a migraine every time they eat chocolate or have a glass of wine while the best friend passes thru untouched and unscathed?

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Is it bad luck? Is it bad genes? Or is it that one has a body that adapts to the things in the environment as they come while the other, because of the reasons stated above, fails to adapt and is TRIGGERED into a migraine?

Did you ever think that there might be a world outside of the traditional paradigm of care that says you are a victim of your genes and that is the way it is? Here take this drug shut up and deal with it.

The scientific literature suggests that there is a relationship to trauma and the onset of migraine headaches. Although trauma may be one of many triggers of migraine, trauma is sometimes the sole or predominant precipitating factor; eg, footballer's migraine.

This journal suggests head trauma as a TRIGGER. What exactly is the head trauma triggering? Could it be that these traumas are dislodging the first cervical vertebra out of its normal potion and it becomes locked out of its normal range of motion and over time affects how well your body adapts? 

I am suggesting that this is indeed what is happening and in many cases, the underlying reason people suffer from migraine headaches. Sadly few ever hear of Upper Cervical Care but I am here to tell you that this conservative, natural, form of health care for years has helped thousands of people either get completely well from migraines or help manage them without drugs.

There is another world out there. It is a world of health care that deals with the intimate relationship of the upper neck and your body's most vital center, the brainstem. Head traumas without a doubt disrupt the delicate balance of the head on the neck where they meet. 

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The joints. Joints are kept stable by a joint capsule. The joint capsule is a fibrous tissue that supports and gives strength to the joint keeping it aligned and moving smoothly.

Head traumas damage the capsule and when the joint capsule has damaged the weight of the head predisposes that individual to an atlas vertebra that dislodges and loses its alignment. The atlas misalignment then CAUSES a cascade of abnormal neurophysiological processes that weaken the body.

I hope that this article is found by those who have suffered long enough and by those that are open to a fork in the road to the conventional way of things. By those that have been told it is genetic, here, take this pill. 

By those that have been told, there is nothing that can be done just live with it. There is a world waiting out there that delivers a different message and the message is being heard by more and more people.

For those that have acted and sought care at an upper cervical care office a very large percentage of them are getting well. They are getting their lives back. Til next time, good health, it is your birthright.

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