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Natural Treatment for Tinnitus in Los Angeles

Posted in Tinnitus on Oct 20, 2014

Dr. Pat Allen Talks About How Blair Upper Cervical Care Helped Her Tinnitus

Dr. Pat Allen tells her gripping story of how tinnitus was interfering with her personal and professional life. For those who have had constant tinnitus and vestibular imbalance, you know how bad it can interfere with your life. 

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Constant ringing in one's ear is not only annoying but if severe enough has caused some to resort to suicide. Dr. Pat Allen is a therapist, a world-renowned one at that. Her constant tinnitus was causing her to be unable to do sessions of therapy.

She also describes how she felt unstable (vertigo) and how after having her atlas vertebra corrected she felt more steady than she had fallen since a child. Upper cervical care is a little-known procedure that corrects the intimate relationship of the top two bones in the neck, atlas, and axis.

Many people throughout their lives have episodes of physical trauma. Car accidents, sports injuries, slips, and falls and other traumas can dislodge the top atlas vertebra into an abnormal alignment with the skull and over time this bad positioning causes the body's nervous system to weaken, potentially leading to more health problems.

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