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Neck Pain Treatment Los Angeles

Posted in Neck Pain on May 29, 2015

Neck pain Treatment in Los Angeles 

Chronic neck pain is an epidemic in this country. There is annoying pain which makes life less joyous and then there is devastating pain that shuts down people's lives, making them ineffective at executing the things that are necessary to live meaningfully.  

 According to the Huffington Post “Currently, 47 percent of the US population is plagued by chronic pain.”1 While the cause of the pain can differ, its effect on human health and efficiency in the workplace cannot be overlooked. There are many reasons why people suffer from neck pain. 

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We will breakdown the common reasons why people suffer and then we'll attempt to create a causative action you can take in your life to help take back your life from the pain you experience. 

The following two mechanisms can be involved in neck pain and are the most common:

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Chronic Neck Pain Relief Los Angeles

Chronic Neck Pain Relief Los Angeles

Jun 15, 2011

Chronically tight neck muscles: 

Everyone has experienced pain from overworking muscles do to activity. But what do you do when this pain becomes chronic and unrelated to some overuse activity you did the day before? What would cause one to have chronically tight muscles in the neck? 

The answer to this question lies in the neurology of the upper neck. It has been shown that when the upper neck has been injured and the joints of the neck do not glide and move as they once did this aberrant motion can result in a process called facilitation. 

This is when nerve signals from the cervical joints send aberrant signals into the CNS (central nerve system) causing pathways to the muscles to fire when they should not, resulting in chronically tight muscles.  

Disc Herniations that impact the nerve roots or spinal cord: 

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Neck Pain Doctors in Los Angeles

Neck Pain Doctors in Los Angeles

Feb 08, 2016

Spinal disc herniations are a common cause of neck pain. unfortunately, it is estimated that some 240,000 spinal surgeries are made each year unnecessarily. It is true that there are some instances where surgery is unavoidable but there are other conservative types of care that exist that can help your body heal the damage that has been done and allow it to heal itself. 

When a disc is injured in the neck the deep layer of muscles in that spinal area becomes spastic. This increase in the tone of the muscles causes increased pressure between the spinal segments and makes it difficult for the disc to go back to its normal shape and heal. 

One form of treatment performed out there is spinal traction. Whereby the person is “stretched” in an attempt to decrease the pressure between the vertebra at the affected disc, in hopes of restoring some normalcy to the disc. 

Another more natural approach to this thinking is to go back to the source of muscle tone regulation in the spine, the BRAINSTEM. By repositioning the Atlas vertebra and allowing that region to function normally, the spinal musculature can once again regain its normal tone. 

This in many cases allows the body, under its own control, to heal and repair not only the disc and abnormal spinal curves but also allows the entire system to function more normally.

 We hope that this blog has shed some sort of light on the CAUSE of your neck pain. Instead of just swallowing a pill maybe this time you will try to locate the CAUSE. Give natural neck treatment a try with us at Upper Cervical Health Centers Los Angeles... 

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Neck Pain Specialist Los Angeles

Neck Pain Specialist Los Angeles

Dec 30, 2016

You just might find that it changes your life. Until next time, remember that nature needs no help just no interference. Go see an Upper Cervical Doctor and get the interference out-of-the-way so your body can heal and function as it was intended to!