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Neurological Basis To Develop Secondary Meniere's Disease

Posted in Hydrops, Meniere's Disease on Feb 15, 2016

Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere's Disease and Hydrops

Medical procedures that attempt to help cases with Meniere's Disease and Hydrops tend to be radical and invasive. This article has been written to discuss the possible underlying mechanisms that may be at play with Meniere's and Hydrops. 

Most people that suffer from chronic degenerative health problems find out that our current system of health care isn't a system of health care at all, but a system of disease treatment and management. We want to illuminate a possible underlying cause for these horrible conditions that millions of Americans suffer with and unfortunately have little hope for recovery in our current system of "Health Care".

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Dr. Michael Burcon, out of Grand Rapids Michigan, has been trying to raise awareness of Upper Cervical Spine Injury as a CAUSE for Meniere's Disease for over a decade. He has found in over 139 cases of Meniere's that correcting the Upper Cervical Spine misalignment resolved their condition. 

While this is not peer-reviewed scientific research one cannot ignore the anecdotal success this particular doctor has had in the treatment of Meniere's Disease. Oftentimes anecdotal evidence is pushed to the side but to the 300 cases of Meniere's that resolved, their results speak for themselves.

In the next few paragraphs, we would like to examine the scientific literature that may explain how an Upper Cervical Misalignment could produce such dramatic results in Meniere's and Hydrops sufferers. Burkhard Franz and Colin Anderson, from the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of the University of Melbourne, have commented on the fact that Meniere's Disease can often be alleviated by a middle ear ventilation tube, suggesting Eustachian tube dysfunction may be a contributing factor in the chronicity of Meniere's Disease. Similarly, stellate ganglion blocks can be beneficial in controlling Meniere's disease symptoms, intimating the autonomic nervous system's roll in its development.

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Dr. Dan Murphy in his paper, "The Potential Role of Joint Injury and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in the Genesis of Secondary Meniere's Disease" out lies a hypothetical neuron pathway that could explain how injuries to the upper cervical spine may underlie the neuropathology that leads to Eustachian tube dysfunction. This would help explain how Dr. Burcon and other Upper Cervical Practitioners have seen such remarkable results with Meniere's and Hydrops patients.

Dr. Murphy describes the following mechanism. "In this hypothetical reflex pathway, irritation of the facet joints(joints of the neck can first lead to an activated anterior sympathetic system via an independent pathway in the mediolateral cell column; it can be simultaneously lead to an axon reflex involving nociceptive neurons, resulting in neurogenic inflammation and the prospect of a Eustachian tube dysfunction. 

The Eustachian tube dysfunction is responsible for a disturbed middle ear-inner ear pressure relationship, circumstances that have the potential to develop into secondary Meniere's disease."

In English, to those of you without a medical background, Dr. Murphy is saying that joints in the neck, when injured from a whiplash-type trauma, have the ability to affect the nervous system adversely, causing the eustachian tube to malfunction and lead to inner and middle ear dysfunction. And thereby possibly causing secondary Meniere's Disease.

Upper Cervical Blair Care is a specialized form of chiropractic care that is interested in the relationship of the joints in the neck and the associated nerves. The Upper Cervical Doctors' goal is to restore normal joint biomechanics which then allows the central nervous system to function more normally. 

The end result is that many people with a plethora of health problems, not just Meniere's or Hydrops can improve or eliminate their problems. 

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Right here in Los Angeles, Upper Cervical Health Centers of America Doctors, have been successfully helping Meniere's, Hydrops and other chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional forms of health care. 

We continue to write blogs on subjects we think will help those who have been told there is nothing they can do about it. Or, " you will just have to learn to live with it", so they might find answers to problems they have been told they are stuck with. We hope that this information is useful and if you suffer you can consult with an Upper Cervical Specialist in your area.


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