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Naturally Healing Your Pain in Los Angeles

Posted in Chronic Pain on Oct 22, 2014

Naturally Healing Your Pain - Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I see health clinics advertise for 'pain management' on their signs sometimes while I'm exploring a new part of Los Angeles. It's a difficult concept for me: managing pain. Personally I want my pains eliminated. I want to heal and get back to living. You could see the situations where management may be the only option. 

After a necessary surgery or a broken bone, there is some guaranteed residual pain. Healing hurts sometimes. Well, what type of pain management is good and what isn't?

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Do you want to take medications and the associated risks? How about injections and the side-effects? The problem with these interventions is what they do to you in order to reduce your pain.

For example Glucocorticoids. A natural chemical made in your body, they help your body manage inflammation. The idea behind using injecting a synthetic formulation into your joints is to reduce inflammation in damaged painful joints. Sounds good right?

Well, why is the joint inflamed in the first place? Inflammation is a natural immune and nervous system response to damage. It pools blood into the area of damage which increases heat, metabolism and the availability of nutrients and blood cells. Inflammation is healing.

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So what happens when we use anti-inflammatory drugs? You've injected far more of these substances into your system that the body is used to dealing with. Now, you run the risk of slowing the healing process and causing longer-lasting complications.

What about prescription medications? Common pain medications like Oxycodone carry side-effects like dizziness and vomiting and are infamous for how addictive they can be. Even non-prescription NSAIDS like ibuprofen come with a laundry list of side-effects. 

Additionally, when someone feels good, they generally go about business as usual right? Well, what happens when you have ankle pain, do not address the cause, and take pain medication that makes it feel fine? You'll use it. Without fixing the cause of the problem, you'll further damage the joint and cause more problems down the line.

At the end of the day, it is important to make an informed decision on your health. A good doctor will counsel you on what methods are worth the risk and help you manage the pain management. Like-wise, a good doctor wouldn't ask you to live in pain.

While you are dealing with the effects of a trauma or disease, it is important to not just focus on the symptoms, like pain, but also the cause. After all, getting yourself out of pain doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy. It is critical to long-term healing that you find the cause of the symptom, and fix it.

Why our offices have the focus that they do, it's why we approach pain management in Los Angeles the way we do. We aren't so concerned about the lion's sore toe are we are getting the thorn out of it... Your body heals on its own.

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What it needs is help in getting the roadblocks to healing out of the way. When examining a new patient our goal is to find what may be inhibiting your nervous system's ability to direct the healing process. Then, we let you rest on nature's operating table and heal like your body was made to.