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Post Traumatic Migraine | Whiplash And Migraine Headaches

Posted in Chronic Pain, Headaches, Migraine Headaches on Mar 02, 2017

Did You Develop Migraine After An Injury? | Dr. Hall Los Angeles

Migraine Headaches are a common health problem that affects millions of Americans. Migraines can differ in their intensity and frequency. For those that suffer they can be a great distraction from life. And for others, they are so frequent and intense that their lives come to a screeching halt. 

In this article, we would like to discuss whiplash trauma and its role in the development of migraine headaches. Then we will offer a natural alternative that helps your body heal the damage that was CAUSED by neck trauma.

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Post Traumatic Migraine Research

In 1991 WEISS HD, et al. headache.  published a research paper titled " Post-traumatic Migraine: Precipitated by the minor head or neck trauma. The research showed that people who sustain whiplash trauma and minor head trauma develop episodes of migraine headaches.  

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The headaches generally were episodic but most cases experienced a debilitating migraine.  The conclusion of the research was that many of these patients are cast aside as neurotic or psychosomatic and that whiplash trauma is real. Whiplash trauma is not psychosomatic but has its roots in mechanical injury. 

What is the connection between neck trauma and migraine headaches?

The Myo-Dural Bridge And Post Traumatic Headaches

In June of 2014 a paper was published(1) showing there was connective tissue that linked muscles at the base of the skull and the spinal cord.  The rectus capitus posterior major and minor have connections to the dura mater(the sheath covering the spinal cord).  

When someone sustains head trauma or neck injury these muscles tighten.  The spastic muscles "pull" on the dura mater causing mechanical traction.  Simply put, this creates irritation to the spinal cord and can alter function throughout the body. 

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The myo(muscle) dural(covering of the spinal cord) is a burgeoning area of research.  It may explain a whole host of chronic health conditions and how they develop from nervous system interference.

How Can Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help Post Traumatic Migraine?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is a niche technique within the chiropractic profession. It focuses ALL of its attention in the upper neck.  Injuries to the neck cause misalignments to the vertebra and damage to the ligaments and soft tissue.  Upper Cervical Doctors are trained to locate these misalignments and precisely correct them.  

There is no pulling, twisting, or cracking of the neck. It is painless precise and effective.  Once corrected the goal of the upper cervical doctor is to monitor the patient over time to ensure healing occurs. When the spinal segment misaligns again a correction is made. When the patient is "holding " the correction nothing is done. The goal is stabilization.

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