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Why Do I Have Bad Posture? | Postural Muscles Doctor

Posted in Posture on Apr 09, 2017

Poor Posture And Health| Los Angeles Chiropractor | Posture Doctor Los Angeles

Amy sit up straight! Why are you always slouching? Many of us have heard these comments from our parents growing up. We have all seen people whose heads lurch forward, or from behind one shoulder is higher than the other. We have also seen the person walking down the street with one foot turned out like a duck while the other is straight forward. 

Or the person who swings one arm while walking but the other arm doesn't swing at all. These postural problems are NOT BAD LUCK but rather are indicators that there is interference in the central nervous system. Asymmetries in body posture and mechanics have their roots in upper neck injury.

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Function Follows Structure - What Does This Mean?

Postural muscle tone is regulated in the Upper Cervical spine. Dr. Dan Murphy beautifully explains how upper Cervical spine biomechanics influence the deep postural muscles of the body. (1) When someone sustains neck injury, whiplash, concussion, or other trauma to the neck joints it can lead to neurological dysfunction to the postural muscles. 

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What results are some of the postural faults discussed above: forward head posture, uneven shoe wear, asymmetry in gait and other postural faults.

Why Does Posture Matter-And How Can Posture Affect Your Health?

Most of us have heard the saying structure and function. What does that mean? Several studies show that poor posture causes decreases in neurological function. Abnormal posture indicates there was injury and can predate health challenges. When some loose the natural normal cervical curve it affects the central nervous system. 

Tethering is a term that describes tensile stress in the spinal cord in the upper neck. Dr. Scott Rosa has shown that a loss of cervical spine lordosis pulls down the cerebellar tonsils which indicate stresses in the cord. This leads to irritation of the brain-stem and can be the possible precursor to many chronic health problems( quote Flanagan).

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Can chiropractic correct my posture?

Can chiropractic correct my posture?

Nov 01, 2018

Should I fix my posture even if I feel good?

Unfortunately, our system of health care has taught people if they feel fine then they are healthy. Does the absence of symptoms of equal health? Every day in this country hundreds of people go in for screenings with no symptoms and find out they have cancer, heart disease, and other severe health problems. 

Function equates to health not the absence of symptoms. We live in a disease treatment system, not a health care system. How can you correct abnormal posture?

many of us consciously are told to stand up straight. To stop slouching. Some of us are given exercises to help " straighten" is out. I often ask the question do we have poor posture because we don't consciously think about it??? 

Or is it an internal problem where something is intervening with the proper control of the postural muscles. I think the answer to this question is it's both. While most of us know how to sit straight we are NOT educated about the INTERNAL CAUSE of poor posture. 

That international cause is the result of injury to the c-spine that causes an injury to the tissue that supports normal joint mechanics. The joints in the neck have a large influence on the postural tone of the muscles in the body. In order to correct this, there are specialists known as the upper Cervical doctor said who focus all of their attention on how to precisely correct and maintain normal neck health.

What Is Upper Cervical Care And What Does An Upper Cervical Doctor Do?

Upper Cervical Care is a burgeoning area of health care whose goal is to locate and correct areas of the upper Cervical spine that are locked out of their normal joint position and causing irritation and interference to the central nervous system.

Upper Cervical doctors run an objective neurological test which determines whether there is an upper neck vertebra that is structurally locked and irritating the central nervous system. Once located precise uppermost cervical X-rays are taken to ascertain what direction the vertebrae has misaligned. 

Also, the angle of the offending joint can be measured and the magnitude of the misalignment can be measured. Once this information is gathered a precise, gentle correction is made with no twisting, popping, or pulling. 

The correction is designed to free up the locked vertebrae so the irritation to the central nervous system can be cleared. Then the goal is for the correction to stay in its proper position for as long as possible. While the "correction holds" healing happens. 

Normal postural tone returns as the joints in the neck move more freely and proper tone returns to the body. Upper Cervical care is a procedure that should be utilized by everyone over the term of their life to ensure the proper neurological function is occurring.

We hope that this blog has been informative and will positively affect the lives of many that read it. If you suffer from poor posture or have chronic health problems seek out an uppermost cervical chiropractor.


1.Quantitative Study of Muscle Spindles in Suboccipital Muscles of Human Foetuses