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Scoliosis and Neck Trauma - What Is The Connection?

Posted in Scoliosis on Feb 14, 2017

Can Scoliosis Be Caused By Neck Trauma? | Scoliosis Treatment Los Angeles

There are usually several contributing factors that lead to the development of scoliosis. Genetic tendencies and spinal trauma are the greatest factors in whether someone will develop scoliosis or not.  Currently, Conservative Medical attempts at scoliosis correction have been mildly successful in some cases.

The most common nontraumatic intervention is bracing and physical therapy.  If scoliosis becomes severe enough then surgical intervention is employed.  In this article, we would like to discuss how you can naturally manage scoliosis.  While no one can offer a cure there are many things you can do that can help improve your quality of life and keep you away from the knife!

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How Can Neck Injuries Play A Roll In Scoliosis?

The postural muscles in the body are controlled and regulated by the brain-stem.  Scoliosis is due to imbalances of spinal musculature that pulls the spine out of its normal posture.  Your entire body is regulated at the nerve impulse level.  

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Can Scoliosis be treated by a chiropractor?

Can Scoliosis be treated by a chiropractor?

Nov 12, 2018

Your brain, brain-stem, spinal nerves, and spinal cord are the highway upon which nerve impulses carry intelligent information throughout the body to maintain function. Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a form of health care whose entire goal is to keep the nervous system free of interferences so the body can carry out normal functions to the best of its ability. 

Scoliosis is caused by abnormal function at the muscle tone level. Over time the imbalance of musculature pulls the structure of the body into an S shape and distorts normal spinal structure.  Many cases of scoliosis have improved by making precise spinal corrections that allow the nerve system to manage a better symmetric tone through the spine. 

Since the brain-stem is the seat of control for the postural spinal tone the upper cervical spine should be one thing that is checked and corrected to help scoliosis patients.

What Does An Upper Cervical Doctor Do?

Upper Cervical Doctors are trained to locate, and correct subluxations (spinal misalignments in the neck that interfere with the body's function).  Neurological tests are performed that determine whether or not the patient has an upper neck subluxation. 

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Natural Non-invasive Scoliosis Treatment Los Angeles

Natural Non-invasive Scoliosis Treatment Los Angeles

Mar 11, 2019

Once it is determined a subluxation exists, then a precise set of x-rays are taken to determine how your atlas(c-1) or axis(c-2) has misaligned at the joint. Since the bones in the spine meet at joint surfaces and these joint surfaces are mirror images of one another, the doctor can determine exactly how much you have misaligned and what direction.  

After this information is determined a precise gentle correction is made to restore normal function.  Each week that passes that the adjustment is holding allows for healing. To learn more about the procedure you can click this link.