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Natural Non-invasive Scoliosis Treatment Los Angeles

Posted in Scoliosis on Mar 11, 2019

Mainstream scoliosis treatment involves physical therapy, muscle-specific exercises, and when all else falls invasive surgery.  The literature indicates that mainstream medical scoliosis treatment is deemed successful if scoliosis advancement is stopped. 

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Barring surgery, there is no scientific literature that shows mainstream interventions are successful in correcting scoliosis.  In this article, we will discuss the anecdotal and neurological possibility of scoliosis treatment using non-invasive upper cervical care. 

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Scoliosis and Neck Trauma - What Is The Connection?

Scoliosis and Neck Trauma - What Is The Connection?

Feb 14, 2017

While no hard-published studies exist to date on the upper cervical spine’s role in scoliosis treatment, there are many testimonial accounts of scoliosis improving following upper cervical care. In this article, we will discuss neurological mechanisms that can be at play that may be one underlying theoretical cause for some scoliosis cases.

Postural Muscle Tone Imbalance |Getting to the Root of Scoliosis | Scoliosis Treatment

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Can Scoliosis be treated by a chiropractor?

Can Scoliosis be treated by a chiropractor?

Nov 12, 2018

There are many underlying causes of scoliosis. Several neurodegenerative disorders can lead to scoliosis. Also, there are several genetic deformities that can be at the root of many scoliosis suffers. This article is geared toward idiopathic scoliosis with no obvious genetic or structural malformation as an underlying cause.

Postural muscle tone is a function of normal brainstem neurology (1). Balanced postural tone results from normal biomechanics in the spine and a proper firing nervous system. The upper cervical spine is intimately connected to postural muscle tone control because it houses the brainstem.

Not only can upper cervical spine injury affect brainstem function through cord traction, known as dentate cord theory, but it also can affect postural muscle tone pathways through abnormal differentiation from joint misalignment. These two pathways can influence muscle tone balance throughout the spine and be one underlying cause of scoliosis.

Our offices in Los Angeles have been in practice for 18 years and seen over 10 000 patients. In that time we have seen many patients reduce or recover from idiopathic scoliosis through upper cervical chiropractic intervention.

Accidents and Injuries to the Neck-Can They Cause Scoliosis? | Natural Scoliosis Treatment

Accidents or injuries to the spine can be one scoliosis culprit. The time horizon of injury that can predate the underlying cause of scoliosis can start early. More specifically birth trauma is a common, often overlooked initial injury to the spine which can set the stage for scoliosis.

With an increase in the use of interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction, and C-sections, increased stress is placed on the infant's necks during the birthing process.  The amount of force used during the delivery process can be upwards of 80 pounds of force which damages the soft tissue that normally holds the spine in the proper alignment.

This damage causes a global shift in the alignment of the spine known as an atlas subluxation complex.  When the atlas subluxation complex occurs, it creates postural imbalances throughout the entire body. Shoulders, legs, and hips become unlevel leading to compensations throughout the spine.

Scoliosis is medically diagnosed when a full spine x-ray measures over 19 degrees of curvature using the cobb angle analysis. The body starts to also make changes in order to stabilize the spine and protect the brain and spinal cord. If the upper neck misalignment is not corrected, these changes can progress into spinal arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

This can put irritation on the nerves that the spine is designed to normally protect, causing the pain in the back, neck, and head often associated with scoliosis.

What Does a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do?  | Natural Scoliosis Treatment

Blair Upper Cervical doctors are specially trained to find spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine. This is determined by running the prospective patient through a battery of neurological tests that locate the spinal segments that have been injured and misaligned by a prior neck injury. 

Once located, precision imaging in the form of digital x-ray or cone beam computed tomography (Cbct) is used to precisely determine which joint has misaligned and the angulation of the offending joint.

Each person’s anatomy is different and therefore imaging is used to uncover the blueprint to be used to correct each patient’s individual misalignment pattern. Once this information is gleaned, a gentle, light correction is made without twisting, popping, or pulling.

The patient is then monitored overtime to ensure that the correction is holding. If the testing indicates the need for another correction, then it is performed. However, the goal of Blair Upper Cervical Care is for the patient to stay in “adjustment”. It isn’t the correction that produces healing. It is the removal of nerve irritation and the adjustment “holding” in its normal position that allows the body to function better and proceed through a healing process.

If you or a loved one is looking for natural scoliosis treatment or help with any other chronic health condition our offices offer a FREE consultation. Our office has been in practice in the Los Angeles area for the past 18 years. We have 3 skilled, well-trained doctors in both of our locations and are here to help serve you with your health care needs.  

If you are outside of the LOS ANGELES area and looking for a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor near you, you can call our office and we would be happy to help find you a qualified doctor in your area.


  1. Brainstem control of locomotion and muscle tone with special reference to the role of the mesopontine tegmentum and medullary reticulospinal systems