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TMJ, Dizziness-Vertigo, Depression, Natural Care

Posted in TMJ on Oct 20, 2014

TMJ, Dizziness-Vertigo, Depression, Natural Care

Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction is a common problem that is usually associated with multiple symptoms. Listen to this gripping story where a patient who suffered with severe atypical TMJ which was associated with depression, dizziness, depression and fatigue. 

This particular patient had searched far and wide within the medical system, and outside of it, only to be left in the same situation as prior to her quest for help. Once she found our office, her life changed dramatically. 

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Often times we think only about the person that is ill, but it isn't just the one that is sick that is affected. In this case, a mom who was sick was unable to be the mom she wanted to be because she was so disabled by pain and symptoms she could not function normally. 

While upper cervical care is not always a cure-all it is oftentimes successful in giving people their lives back when all other forms of care failed. Upper cervical care is based on a few very simple principles. 

The first is that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing system. The second principle is that the central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord, is the master control system and is responsible for all functions in the body. 

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The third principle is that traumas adversely affect the structural integrity of the upper cervical vertebral bones and when the structure is misaligned it impacts the function of the nervous system. When there is an interference to function it can result in many symptoms and disorders, one of which is TMJ dysfunction. 

These articles are written for the people who have been told it is all in your head, here, take this drug. We at the Upper Cervical Health Centers of LA and Carson believe there is another paradigm of care that honors the body's inborn healing capacity to heal and repair. 

Our job is to maximize this healing potential so that you can live the life you were born to live; healthy!