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Upper Cervical Blair Care - Natural Depression

Posted in Depression on May 07, 2015

Los Angeles Depression Help - Naturally

Many people look at Chiropractic as a method of correcting musculoskeletal pain, whether that be back and neck pain, migraines, numbness, or other pain symptoms. All symptoms are the effects we experience when our body is not working right.  

Depression is no different. The objective of the Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to locate and correct nerve interference. By doing this, the body functions better. Better function in many cases leads to symptom reduction or elimination.   

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Upper Cervical Care focuses on the natural process of healing.  Natural Healing occurs when anything is done to the body that leads to better function.  It is important to note, too, that the symptoms that often bring someone into an Upper cervical doctor office are usually only the ‘tip of the iceberg”.  

Many other latent conditions can be in the formative stages. Our current health care system treats symptoms but doesn't do anything to help the body heal.  Listen to how one patient recovered from depression and a host of other associated health problems after undergoing Upper Cervical Corrective care. 

Yes even though depression can be associated with hormone and chemical imbalances in the brain, those imbalances can be caused by neck misalignments.  Many people note that their depression started after a whiplash-type trauma.  Los Angeles depression care centers treat hundreds of people every day with strong anti-depressant medications and many still struggle with depression because they are not targeting the causes but rather the symptoms. 

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Spinal trauma such as car accidents, sports injuries, concussions, and other traumas many times predate the onset of depressive symptoms. When the nerves of the neck and back are irritated or disrupted it can make the relay between those nerves and the brain break down, resulting in too much of some hormones and not enough of others. 

The results are oftentimes varying degrees of anxiety, stress, and depression. One of the best ways to care for and alleviate symptoms of depression is to relieve the pressure and tension on the nerves so that they can function as they should. Many people find relief from their anxiety and depression by getting chiropractic adjustments and having their nerve system monitored over a period of time to ensure healing can occur.

If you’re struggling with an achy back or you are starting to notice stiffness or weakness in your arms, consider these warning signs that you may need some work done in your upper cervical spine to get the Atlas Vertebrae back in place. 

Early detection is one of the most important factors for correcting spinal issues. It is important that you get help and treatment when you need it.  Don’t take chances with your health. Depression can rob you of your happiness and really impact every aspect of your life, and caring for yourself and correcting your symptoms can often be as easy as getting an upper cervical adjustment in the upper neck.  

Upper Cervical Chiropractic care helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It can also help correct the underlying cause of many of the issues that are contributing to your symptoms of depression. This blog is written for those that are searching for an alternative type of care to the mainstream antidepressant drugs.  

Contact our offices today and find out with a free consultation whether Upper Cervical Care can help you live the happy life you were born and designed to live. 

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