Why can't I Clear My Ear?

Posted in Ear Infection Headaches on Dec 1, 2019

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Many people have asked the question, “why can't I clear my ear? “ Unfortunately, the underlying cause can be hidden. In this article, we will discuss how  upper cervical spine injury can be the underlying cause of why someone suffers from eustachian tube dysfunction and why they can't clear their ear. 

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Many people suffer from the inability to clear their ears following a cold. Others have a long-standing chronic inability to clear their ear. Many have been from doctor to doctor, had test after test, and no doctor is able to find out " why I can't clear my ear?". Hopefully, once you are done with this article you will understand why many people who suffer with Eustachian dysfunction are the result of abnormal neurology caused by upper cervical spine misalignment and injury.

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Why Can’t I Clear My Ear? Los Angeles Upper Cervical Care

Why Can’t I Clear My Ear? Los Angeles Upper Cervical Care

Jun 20, 2018

Why Can't I Clear My Ear? - The Neck and it's Relationship to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

There are a few muscles that are responsible for the Eustachian tube's ability to function properly and stay open and clear. The muscles of the eustachian tube system help open and close the tube, thus allowing it to perform its function. These muscles are the tensor veli palatini, levator veli palatini, salpingopharyngeus, and tensor tympani. These four muscles are controlled by nerves that branch off from the vagus nerve and trigeminal nerve

Both of these cranial nerve’s nuclei are located inside of the brainstem which is housed by the lower skull and first cervical vertebrae. A cervical spine injury can displace the normal joint relationship of the skull and atlas and lead to structural deformation of the brainstem leading to nervous system dysfunction. 

Dr. Michael Burcon, Upper Cervical Chiropractor our of Grand Rapids Michigan, has published research showing Ménière disease and its symptoms recover well following correction of the upper cervical spine. Dr. BURCON and other upper cervical chiropractors have found that correcting the upper cervical spine clears a large majority of people suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction. The feeling of " why can't I clear my ear" is rooted in upper cervical spine injury.

Why Can't I Clear my Ear? Is it All in Your Head or Just Below it?

Let's quickly talk about the engineering of the spine and understand why the upper cervical spine can be at the root cause of eustachian tube problems. The spine is well armored due to the rib cage, pelvic girdle, and shoulder girdle giving it support and protection. The top of the neck is NOT! The head weighs 10-12 pounds and rests on the first cervical vertebrae weighing two ounces, called the atlas

The top of the neck also has the greatest range of motion compared to the rest of the spine and is held together by muscles, ligaments and soft tissue. These factors make the head-neck junction the most susceptible area of the spine for injury. Unfortunately, the most injury-prone area of the spine also houses the most vital centers of the nervous system including the trigeminal nucleus and vagus nerve nucleus. 

Eustachian tube dysfunction isn't all in your head it is most often caused just below it! In our Los Angeles based upper cervical chiropractic office we have had the distinct pleasure of helping hundreds of patients suffering from the feeling of " why can't I clear my ear?" by precisely correcting the atlas -axis misalignment complex sustained in prior neck injury. Seeing patients regain health through proper nervous system function gets to the root cause instead of treating the effect.

What Exactly Does a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors use advanced imaging in the form of cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) or digital x-ray to precisely locate upper cervical spinal misalignment. Blair doctors are trained to view the joints of the neck to determine exactly how they have misaligned from normal. By viewing each individual joint of the neck, it is possible to see and measure joint misalignment. 

Once this information is recorded it is then used in a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting, popping, or pulling of the neck. The spinal correction is made while the patient is lying on their side and is painless and quick.

Once the offending joint is corrected the body will go through a healing process. The patient is monitored over time to determine at each visit whether they need another correction or not. While the correction is “holding” in its normal position normal neurophysiology is restored and healing accrues. In many cases of people with ear pain due to cervical spine arthritis and other health problems improve or fully recover.  

We hope this article will reach those who are suffering and in need of help. We are big believers that for almost every problem there is a solution. Don’t give up on finding the solution to your health problems! If you are always saying "why can't I clear my ear?" Then seeing an upper cervical care doctor may be your answer to renewed health.   

Our office offers a free consultation. You can call us at 213 399-7772 for our Los Angeles office or 310 324-6172 for our Carson location. If you are out of the Los Angeles area, please give us a call and we will find someone in your local. We hope you enjoyed our article describing the root cause of "why can't I clear my ear?".

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