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Will chiropractic help my neck pain?

Posted in Neck Pain on Dec 12, 2019

Will chiropractic help my neck pain? Most neck pain has its roots in the loss of joint motion due to injury to the ligaments, muscles, and soft tissue. Spinal misalignment leads to loss of joint motion, postural muscle tone imbalance, and postural adaptation. 

These factors produce neck pain and if left uncorrected can lead to disc herniation and degenerative joint disease. In this article, we will explore upper cervical Chiropractic's role in correcting spinal misalignment and its effects on restoring posture, normal muscle tone, increasing normal neurology, and reducing neck pain.

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What CAUSES neck pain?

There can be many daily living activities that can result in neck pain. Many people find overhead work, sitting at a computer, heavy lifting, and texting for long periods can elicit neck pain. There are other people who can perform these activities and have no neck pain. What is the difference? Why does one person get neck pain quickly while at a computer and another seems unscathed? The root cause of neck pain is almost always connected to soft tissue strength. 


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Common Types of Neck Pain

    • Radiation pain from neck to shoulder
    • The pressure at the base of the skull
    • The feeling of your head being TOO heavy
    • Dull ache on one side
    • Dull ache on both sides
    • Electrical pain also radiates to the arm
    • Burning pain
    • Stabbing pain

These forms of neck pain have their root cause in spinal muscle tone imbalance. When the muscles in the neck become tight they hurt, they cause imbalances in posture, and if not corrected, over time it leaders to disc problems, and degenerative changes to the vertebrae and spinal discs. The good news is that correcting the underlying cause of most of these conditions requires seeing a trained upper cervical chiropractor who is an expert at correcting spinal misalignments in the neck.


What Causes Chronic muscle Tightness and Neck Pain?

There are many factors that can precipitate and aggravate neck pain. Poor ergonomics at the computer, excessive texting, sleeping on the stomach, emotional stress, and other factors can produce neck pain. However, these are causative agents, not the primary CAUSE. 

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Some people get neck pain while sitting at a computer after five minutes while another person can be on a computer for two hours and have zero neck pain. What is the difference? People who have not suffered from a prior neck injury have better joint motion, less muscle tightness, and are less prone to develop neck pain.

A person that has been in several whiplash traumas usually has chronic neck pain. This results from soft tissue injury, and ligament damage to the tissue surrounding the joints in the neck. When supporting soft tissue is injured the spinal vertebrae do not move as freely, setting the stage for chronic muscle tightness, neck pain, and irritation to the central nervous system. 

Chronic Neck Pain - What You Can Do To Regain Lost Motion and Health

Most reading this article has tried massage, been to physical therapy, taken over the counter painkilling medication and other commonly known remedies to help their neck pain. Very few have ever heard of nor tried upper cervical chiropractic.

Upper cervical chiropractors are well-trained specialty doctors who focus all of their attention on the upper cervical spine. This area of the spine is most susceptible to spinal injury because of its engineering. The top vertebrae in the neck, the atlas, weighs two ounces and bears the weight of the head.  The head also rests upon a stick, your neck. These three factors make the head-neck junction the most susceptible part of the spine towards injury. Once injured, and misaligned, the result is muscle tone tightness, postural imbalance and neck, and back pain. Correcting this underlying cause, spinal misalignment is paramount in you recovering your lost health.

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In our Los Angeles based upper cervical health care offices we have had over 12000 patients travel through our doors. We estimate that over fifty percent of those cases had neck pain as one piece of their overall symptom picture. We have seen hundreds of patients recover from chronic neck pain and other chronic health problems. We have an old adage that best describes our work: " NATURE NEEDS NO HELP JUST NO INTERFERENCE." Our goal is to remove the root cause of your health condition. Nature will do the rest!

What exactly does a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors use advanced imaging in the form of cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) or digital x-ray to precisely locate upper cervical spinal misalignment. Blair doctors are trained to view the joints of the neck to determine exactly how they have misaligned from normal. 

By viewing each individual joint of the neck, it is possible to see and measure joint misalignment. Once this information is recorded it is then used in a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting, popping, or pulling of the neck. 

The spinal correction is made while the patient is lying on their side and is painless and quick. Once the offending joint is corrected the body will go through a healing process. The patient is monitored over time to determine at each visit whether they need another correction or not. 

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While the correction is “holding” in its normal position normal neurophysiology is restored and healing accrues. We hope this article will reach those who are suffering and in need of help. We are big believers that for almost every problem there is a solution.

Don’t give up on finding the solution to your health problems! If you are someone who is always saying I have neck pain then seeing an upper cervical care doctor may be your answer to renewed health.


Our office offers a free consultation. You can call us at 213 399-7772 for our Los Angeles office or 310 324-6172 for our Carson location. If you are out of the Los Angeles area, please give us a call and we will find someone in your local. We hope you enjoyed our article titled " will chiropractic help my neck pain?"