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Posted in Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Neck Pain, Wellness Care on Jan 06, 2020

This chart provides a "bird’s eye" view of the average American’s life. Simply put the healthcare choices you make dramatically impact your life.  The Y-axis (vertical axis) on this chart represents function/ health. The central nervous system is responsible for all your bodily functions. 100% function = 100% health. 

When your nervous system starts to malfunction, you lose a portion of your health.  The X-axis (horizontal line) represents your age. At 80% function, the dashed black line represents the physiological threshold for symptoms. If/when you fall below this arbitrary line you generally feel bad. When you are above it, you generally feel fine. 

Even if you have no symptoms, when you are between 80% and 100% function, you are still not at optimal health. Our healthcare system teaches us to seek "healthcare" when we fall below the dashed line and have symptoms. 

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To make matters worse, instead of asking the question, "what is the cause?" we are often prescribed medications that do not address the underlying origin of reduced health. While this form of healthcare has its place, it does not lead to higher function/ health.

  1. Represents the first injury. At age 7 maybe you were on the playground and a soccer ball was kicked in the air and landed on your head. This caused a joint to misalign in your upper neck, and lead to nervous system irritation and loss of function. You were young, so you didn’t realize trauma had occurred. Within a few minutes/hours/days you "felt" normal… but from that point forward were no longer functioning at 100%.
  2. At age 15 maybe you had a second trauma - a minor car accident. This trauma caused more damage to the neck and consequently irritated the nervous system. More loss of function. 
  3. The trauma associated with #1 and #2 lead to nervous system irritation and caused the body to fall below the 80% dashed line. Now you may experience occasional headaches, low energy, seasonal allergies, insomnia, and other health problems. The average American will take over-the-counter medication. You might "feel" better from the medication, temporarily. However, the underlying cause, upper cervical misalignment, and nervous system irritation, is still present.
  4. This number represents worsening function and increased severity of symptoms. Perhaps you become worried, so you schedule a visit to your medical doctor. Once there, a series of tests are run and a diagnosis is made. You have migraine, insomnia, lupus etc…so medication is prescribed to treat the symptoms, but not the underlying cause. In severe cases, surgery might even be recommended. Unfortunately, the loss of central nervous system function is never addressed, and health is NOT achieved.
  5. You are at your wit's end so you finally decide to try alternative care. You are searching for a method that gets to the ROOT CAUSE of your health problems. You receive your first upper cervical correction that removes interference to the central nervous system. In response, your body returns to health (over time), called retracing. Healing happens in cycles. It is NOT a straight line up, as the chart suggests. This initial phase of care is referred to as corrective care, and you are monitored closely for the return of spinal misalignment.
  6. This phase of care is exciting! However, we also refer to it as the danger zone. Symptoms remit much quicker as the spine returns to balance and stability. Unfortunately, many patients mistake symptom relief for complete healing and stabilization. This second phase of care is referred to as maintenance care. During this phase, the patient is MUCH improved, and the frequency of their visits is reduced, accommodating their ability to hold the correction for longer lengths of time. 
  7. Represents the patient who has stuck with long term care despite feeling better. You reap the full benefit of long-term tissue repair and spinal balance. This stage represents the maximum Improvement a case can make and transitions them into WELLNESS care. During this phase, you are seen much less frequently to stay well but still get checked periodically regardless of symptoms. It is equivalent to your dental checkups. You go to ensure cavities don't turn into root canals. 
  8. Represents the patient who quit care because they “feel” better. At some point, they misalign again. In time symptoms often return, and health declines.
  9. The patient’s symptoms return. They are corrected and reeducated to help them maximize the benefit of LONG-TERM upper cervical care.
  10. Represent the patient who only comes in for care when symptomatic. This approach is far better than no care at all but it doesn't allow you to maximize your health and receive the full benefit of long-term upper cervical chiropractic wellness care.

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Parting thoughts. We want you to recognize that this chart illustrates several key points:

  1. The loss of health occurs over time. Symptoms are the last stage - not the first - to develop.
  2. Symptom treatment with medications and surgeries do not get to the root cause of your health problem. Symptom treatment does not increase function or health.
  3. Upper cervical corrective care is not an overnight miracle. Healing takes time and persistence. Sticking with long-term upper cervical care maximizes nervous system function. This results in better health and happier people. It also allows you to live life to the fullest.