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Depression Therapy Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Corrective Care

 Depression Therapy Los Angeles-Upper Cervical Corrective Care     If the lines of communication between the brain and body are unimpeded, a healthy life is the natural result. But when there is a vertebral misalignment at the skull it can cause issues and conditions that will produce pain and disease in the long-term. Many places […]

Migraine Headaches Resolve – Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Care is a rapidly growing natural healthcare discipline that has been helping people with a plethora of health problems improve including migraine headaches. Most migraine sufferers have had neck trauma that predates their health problems. The Upper Cervical Doctor is concerned with correcting the misalignments at the base of the skull done from head trauma.

Body Pain, Depression, Swollen Face and Limbs Resolve

It is estimated that chronic pain affects 100 million Americans. (1)  Put another way 1 in 3 Americans lives in chronic daily pain.  What causes chronic pain? We all know that taking painkillers such as Advil, Tylenol, and aspirin can help.  Unfortunately, we have thousands of Americans popping painkillers like candy.  I am darn sure […]

Panic Disorders – Depression Resolved

Panic disorders are said to affect 2.4 million people each year. For those that have never had an anxiety attack, you should be thankful. It is really a gut-wrenching experience that you are better off not having to deal with. Some individuals are affected with constant unrelenting anxiety which can lead them to become housebound. This type of severe anxiety is known as agoraphobia.